Title Page

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by


  • Outside areas clean and tidy, bins not full and correct greeting given at COD box

  • Under W2 swept and washed down

  • Full Store walk around Completed?

  • FOOD SAFETY; Has all use by and secondary shelf life’s been checked. Check safe when you are 100% confident all products are correct in the following areas. Beverage Cell / Drive Thru / Front / Side 1 / Side 2 / Tall Chiller / Tempering and Defrost Rack / Chiller - please communicate any issues.

  • Stock Rotation - check chiller / stock room / floor rotation

  • Calibrate the shake syrups - Must be done daily

  • Sales printed and communicated?

  • Internal and External Coral clean and locked

  • Top Platen Cleanliness checked and communicated. (AM ONLY)

  • BLC printed and communicated if necessary?

  • Floor Plans checked for open and close? Do we have enough for changeovers and peaks?

  • Are they there any count issues or deviations to communicate?

  • Food Safety Checklist Completed by Shift Manager

  • PR’s - are there any PRs that need presenting on the shift today? Please detail who completed?

During Shift

  • Targets set up for shift?

  • Cleaning Schedule completed and signed off

  • Is pre-shift checklist being used?

  • Are float tracker and CSMB in use?

  • SOCs Completed? - who completed and who did not?

  • Appearance - does everybody have hat/namebadge/belt and are they clean shaven?

  • Is Coin Counter in use? Check and follow up

  • Food Safety - is Merlin timer being followed. Are opportunities from action plan being followed up on?

  • OE-PE, R2P & KVS communicated during shift.

  • External Cleanliness Reviewed - Trash \ Bins \ Patio

  • Back Door kept closed throughout shift

Post Shift

  • Floor plans written for following day and checked

  • Labour Tracker Communicated

  • Any Stock Issues? If yes has this been resolved?

  • Are all stock transfers entered and written down

  • Floor Plans checked and reviewed for evening shift?

  • Star of the shift communicated on Facebook?

  • DFS Fully Complete - Uploaded to WhatsApp

  • Any equipment issues to action and/or communicate?

  • Given feedback to any new crew or under performing crew - if needed

  • Discipline - is there any discipline that needs writing and presenting before leaving?

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