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Extrusion Department

  • Billet heater probe maintenance taking place 2 times per day and documented.<br><br><br>

  • Billet temperature set point in the last zone is being confirmed with IR camera and verified by contact probe once per shift for validation. Delta is documented with clearly defined control limits.<br><br>

  • Alarm available to indicate low billet temp, or billet waiting too long in air?<br>

  • Exit temperature is tracked with using an IR camera and verified by contact probe once per shift. Delta is documented with clearly defined control limits.<br>

  • There is an alarm in place to indicate low exit temp for the specific alloy?

  • Quench rate is monitored by the use of an IR camera and verified by a contact probe once per day. Document of completion available.<br>

  • There in alarm present to indicate malfunctioning of the quench system, such as low water pressure or low water flow?

  • Die temperature is being checked prior to running. Documented results available with clearly defined control limits.<br><br>

  • Butt shearing quality in good condition, not pulling metal from the feeder or leaving a large smear on the tooling. Process is clean no evidence of oil or grease entering the extrusion tooling.<br>

  • Daily alignment checks performed on each cassette. Readings are recorded and charted for trends. <br>

  • Pie charts are present for both exit temperature and Press pressure.<br><br>

  • Recipes are used and exceptions are reviewed.<br><br>

  • Trim validation is being conducted through destructive testing and/or etching. Port volume calculation is used on all new business as the starting point until testing is completed. (Port volume x 1.5)<br>

  • If a delay is observed was the material marked as scrap to avoid soft metal being shipped to the customer.<br>


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