• CPM Name:

  • Date of Visit:

Customer Details & Feedback

  • Customers Name:

  • Customers Address / Postcode:
  • Pivotal Invoice Number (PIN):

  • Is The Customer Present?

  • Feedback around Store, Homefit Centre, Delivery and Installer/Team

Installer Details

  • Installer Company Name & Vendor Number:

  • Display RAG Criteria Detail

  • RAG Installer Characteristics & Behaviours

    RAG Criteria
  • Installer RAG Rating

Compliance Check

  • Is the Final Plan & Listing on Site?

  • Installation Type

  • Are there any Gas Works Being undertaken in the Home?

  • Gas Installer Name/Company Name

  • Are there any Electrical Works Being Undertaken in the Home?

  • Electrician Name/Company Name

  • Is All Documentation Valid? (Including Gas, Electrical, Public Liability)

  • "Advise Installer that Payment Will Be Delayed As a Result Of Non-Compliance and Will Be Placed On Hold Until Valid Documentation Is Received"

General Installation Standard Check

  • Are Isolation Valves Present and In an Accessible Position?

  • Are Cabinets Correctly Assembled & Secured To Walls?

  • Are The Worktop Mitres To A High Standard?

  • Have All Cutouts Been Adequately Sealed?

  • Are The Cornice and or Pelmet Mitres To A High Standard?

  • Have The Walls Been Adequately Prepared For Tiling/Decorating?

  • Has The Floor Been Adequately Prepared For Tiling/Flooring?

  • Is The Tiling Level/Square with Cutouts In Corners With adequate Silicone Seal?

  • Is The Agreed Cutting Area Being Kept In a Clean &Tidy State?

  • Number of Employees on Site

  • What's Happening With The Waste Being Removed?

Health & Safety Check

  • Fire Extinguisher Available?

  • Are Customers Existing Appliances/Furniture Adequately Protected ?

  • Appropriate Number Of Dust Sheets or Protection To The Customers Home?

  • First Aid Kit, Accident Book & PPE Evident?

  • Has The Installer Checked For Asbestos?

  • www.hse.gov.uk/asbestos/FAQ

  • Is The Installer Conducting Daily H&S Checks?

Installer/CPM Feedback

  • Installer Feedback:

  • Comments:

  • CPM Feedback/Action Agreed/ Follow Up:

  • Comments:

  • CPM Signature:

  • Installer Signature:

  • Images of the Installation:

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