1.1 - Are all bar menus clean and well presented

1.2 - Are all bar table bases and legs clean and in good condition

1.3 - Are all bar tables clean and chewing gum free

1.4 - Is anything noticeably out of place in the 'shop window'/back bar

1.5 - Are all bar chairs clean and in good condition including legs

1.6 - Is the bar floor (FOH) clean and polished

1.7 - Are the picture frames and mirrors clean and dust free

1.8 - Are flowers/plants/trees/decorative items in the bar area free from dust and debris and in good condition

1.9 - All light bulbs, light fittings and chandeliers in the bar area fully working and clean

1.10 - Is the bar top clean, dry, including under the lip

1.11 - Is the bar front clean with no visible scuffs

1.12 - Are the beer taps clean and polished

1.13 - Skirting boards in the bar area free of dust and "mop" marks

1.14 - Are any partitions or display shelving in the bar area clean and free from dust

1.15 - Are the exterior walls and shelves in the bar area clean and in good condition

1.16 - Are high level ledges and ceilings in the bar area clean and dust free


2.1 - Do all areas that require mesh have it?

2.2 - Is all mesh cut to the appropiate size and not warped?

2.3 - Is all mesh clean?

2.4 - Are all spirit and wine shelves clean and dust free?

2.5 - Are the shelf brackets/legs in good condition?

2.6 - Are all spirit and wine bottles clean, dry and dust free?

2.7 - Are all pour spouts clean?

2.8 - Are all pour spouts aligned in the same direction?

2.9 - Are bar mirrors clean and smear free?

2.10 - Are all labels facing forward?

2.11 - Is the back bar fully stocked with no obvious gaps?

2.12 - Do all bottles have some kind of stopper (pour spout, cork, champs stopper etc.)?

2.13 - Is all shelf lighting in working order?


3.1 - Is the bar floor (BOH) clean?

3.2 - Are all floor mats clean and in good condition?

3.3 - Are all speedrails clean and dry including undrneath, behind and sides?

3.4 - Are all ice wells (in & out) clean and dry?

3.5 - Are the undersides of ice wells clean and dry and under the stations?

3.6 - Are shelves underneath stations and underplates clean and hygenic?

3.7 - Are bar walls behind and beneath stations clean and hygenic?

3.8 - Are all drip mats clean and dry and in full workable condition (no splits, fully stable etc)?

3.9 - Are all beer drip trays clean and dry?

3.10 - Are all beer nozzles clean and in good condition (check sparklers)?

3.11 - Are all bar caddies clean, dry, in good condition and fully stocked?

3.12 - Are there back-up straws (each kind) and bev naps?

3.13 - Does every station have the correct par level of equipment? (see unit par levels)

3.14 - Are all sinks clean and dry?

3.15 - Do all sinks have hot AND cold water and are they all in full working condition with no leaks?

3.16 - Is the sealant around the sinks in good condition?

3.17 - Are the U-bends debris free (sink and ice well)?

3.18 - Are the soda guns clean and not sticky including hoses free from dirt build up?

3.19 - Are bin areas clean especially at the back?

3.20 - Are bins clean inside and out and in good condition?


4.1 - Are there par levels for fruit ordering?

4.2 - Are they being followed?

4.3 - Is all cut fruit date labelled in line with the Date Labelling Procedure?

4.4 - Is there fruit stock rotation evident?

4.5 - Is all fruit refigerated when not on station?

4.6 - Are all pureés colour coded correctly?

4.7 - Are all puree's date labelled/day dotted?

4.8 - Are all puree's refridgerated when not on station?

4.9 - Are all juices colour coded correctly?

4.10 - Is there evidence of juice stock rotation?

4.11 - Are there par levels for bulk batches?

4.12 - Are they being followed?

4.13 - Are bulk batches colour coded correctly?

4.14 - Are all syrups labelled correctly?

4.15 - Are fruit caddies clean and dry? (should be emptied and cleaned every night)

4.16 - Are all herbs stored correctly (eg. Basil not refrigerated)?


5.1 - Is the blender clean and dry?

5.2 - Does the blender work correctly?

5.3 - Do all blender jugs have lids?

5.4 - Does the blowtorch work correctly?

5.5 - Are there backup gas cartridges?

5.6 - Are the till screens clean (free of smears/debris)?

5.7 - Are the till units and drawers clean?

5.8 - Is the area underneath and behind the till clean?

5.9 - Is there a presentable and clean tab wallet on the bar?

5.10 - Are the PDQs clean and operational?

5.11 - Are the PDQ chargers clean and operational?

5.12 - Are there spare: PDQ papers?

5.13 - Are there spare: Thermal printer papers (receipts)?

5.14 - Are there spare: Paper printer papers (service bar)?

5.15 - Are there spare: Printer ribbons?

5.16 - Does service bar have a correct ticket spike?

5.17 - Is one bar sink designated a "Hand wash" sink with sign and liquid soap?

5.18 - Does the smoking gun work correctly?

5.19 - Is the smoking gun clean (remove gauze to check)?

5.20 - Are there sufficient backup Smoking chips ?

5.21 - Does the bar have a working temperature probe?

5.22 - Is there a working date label gun with labels?

5.23 - Are the foamers clean and dry (check nozzle for debris) i?

5.24 - Are there enough gas cartridges in line with the Unit Par Level?

6.0 - BAR BACK

6.1 - Is the bar back area clean, tidy and well organised?

6.2 - Is there a mop, bucket and floor squeegie available, clean and in good condition?

6.3 - Is there a good quality "hedgehog" for scrubbing glasses?

6.4 - Is the Glass Wash Breakdown Procedure displayed (back of house only)?

6.5 - Is each glasswasher: Exterior clean?

6.6 - Is each glasswasher: Door clean?

6.7 - Is each glasswasher: At the correct temperature? (min 55°C wash, min 82°C rinse)

6.8 - Is each glasswasher: Area behind clean including wall and pipes?

6.9 - Is each glasswasher: Spray arms clean?

6.10 - Is each glasswasher: Sieves and filters clean?

6.11 - Is each glasswasher: Elements clean?

6.12 - Is each glasswasher: Chemicals connected correctly?

6.13 - Is each glasswasher: Interior clean and debris free?

6.14 - Is each glasswasher: Correct glasswash and rinseaid attached - no kinks in hoses

6.15 - Is each glasswasher: Underneath clean?

7.0 - COFFEE

7.1 - Is the coffee machine clean and operational?

7.2 - Are all group heads clean and debris free including filters?

7.3 - Are all group head handles clean and free of burns?

7.4 - Is all crockery clean and stain free and at the correct par level?

7.5 - Are there enough stainless steel jugs(min.3)?

7.6 - Are there enough thermometers (min 2)?

7.7 - Is there a group head cleaning brush in good condition?

7.8 - Is the grinder operational?

7.9 - Is the grinder clean and dry?

7.10 - Is the underneath of the machine and drawer clean and clutter free?

7.11 - Are all teas available for sale?


8.1 - Is all glassware clean without stains, lipstick or chips?

8.2 - Is there enough of each glassware on the bar?

8.3 - Is there enough back-up glassware?


9.1 - Are all fridge and freezer fronts clean, polished and smear free including under doors?

9.2 - Are all fridge and freezer handles clean?

9.3 - Are all bar fridges clearly identified and numbered?

9.4 - Is there a designated prep fridge on the bar?

9.5 - Are all fridges fully labelled?

9.6 - Are the fridges at the correct temp Maximum 5°C? (If not is there a PO for repair)

9.7 - Are all freezers at the correct temp -18°C or less? (If not is there a PO for a repair)

9.8 - Are all fridge seals clean?

9.9 - Are all fridge seals in good condition?

9.10 - Do all fridges have working lights with the appropriate filters/covers?

9.11 - Are all interior fridge shelves clean?

9.12 - Are all interior fridge surfaces clean and dry?

9.13 - Are all interior fan grills clean and dust free?

9.14 - Are all doors in good working condition and close correctly?

9.15 - Are all the shelves uniformly stocked with labels pointing forward?

9.16 - Is there evidence that the Stock Rotation Procedure is being used?

9.17 - Are all open sparkling wines capped correctly?

9.18 - Are we out of any bottle beers?

9.19 - Are we out of any draught beers?

9.20 - Are we out of any wines by the glass?

9.21 - Are we out of any "must stock" products? (See must stock list)

9.22 - Are ice balls stored correctly and in good condition?


10.1 - Does the lock on the cellar door work and was it locked on arrival?

10.2 - Does all lighting in the cellar work?

10.3 - Is the cellar at the correct temperature - maximum 11°C?

10.4 - Are all the cooling fans clean, dust free and operationally sound?

10.5 - Is the Line Clean Procedure displayed on the wall

10.6 - Is the cellar floor clean and dry?

10.7 - Is all stock stored off the floor, well organised and safely (not above head height or unstable)?

10.8 - Is stock rotation taking place in line with the Stock Rotation Procedure?

10.9 - Are all gas cylinders chained up and safe or at least laid flat if empty in line with the Gas Storage Procedure?

10.10 - Are all cellar shelves clean and dust free including brackets?

10.11 - Is the post-mix cooler filled to the correct level?

10.12 - Is the post-mix machine clean including shelves?

10.13 - Is the area around/behind the post mix machine clean & syrup/BIB cap free?

10.14 - Is all PPE available? - Goggles

10.15 - Is all PPE available? - Gloves

10.16 - Is all PPE available? - Apron

10.17 - Is all PPE available? - Back Support

10.18 - Are all kegs/barrels stored safely?

10.19 - Is the crushed ice machine - operational?

10.20 - Is the crushed ice machine - exterior clean?

10.21 - Is the crushed ice machine - interior clean?

10.22 - Is the crushed ice machine - lip under bin clean?

10.23 - Is the crushed ice machine - filter clean?

10.24 - Is the cubed ice machine - operational?

10.25 - Is the cubed ice machine - exterior clean?

10.26 - Is the cubed ice machine - interior clean?

10.27 - Is the cubed ice machine - lip under bin clean?

10.28 - Is the cubed ice machine - filter clean?

10.29 - Is the Ice Machine Cleaning Procedure clearly displayed?

10.30 - Is there a clean, clearly labelled container for transporting ice?

10.31 - Are all chemicals stored correctly in line with the Chemical Storage Procedure?

10.32 - Are all BOH fridges/freezers/walk-in's etc. locked?

10.33 - Are all cellar walls clean?

10.34 - Are all cellar walls in good condition?

11 - STAFF

11.1 - Is the bartender on their marks?

11.2 - Is the bartender in a clean, ironed uniform?

11.3 - Is the LV jewellry spec being followed (no bangles, wristbands etc.)?

11.4 - Bartender passed a spot spec test?

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.