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  • When one of the sections below cannot be inspected in an exhaustive manner, a sampling of 10% must be carried out and documented. (Provide listing of sampling completed to record occurrence of compliance)


  • AME/apprentice: (Sample at least 10% of the personnel on the base for the following if available)

  • Valid ME-2 cards, AME licenses and MP3 cards available.<br>

  • WHMIS. (required for all employees)<br>

  • Dangerous Goods. (2 year recurrence)<br>

  • Valid First Aid training.<br>

  • Company orientation questionnaire completed in last 3 years.<br>

  • Valid H2S.(required where possibility of working on sites with H2S; every 3 years)<br>

  • Other Training.<br>

Maintenance Facility


  • General condition of building.(Hanger Doors, Windows, Washrooms, Exterior etc)<br>

  • Eye wash stations. (monthly inspections, current)<br>

  • First Aid Stations. (monthly inspection, upkeep, records, location)<br>

  • PPE/Safety equipment. (Check to ensure safety equipment is available for all hanger equipment)

  • Fire extinguishers annually inspected. (location, charged, monthly inspection)<br>

  • Emergency shower. (accessible, clean, working if installed)<br>

  • Maintenance office.<br>

  • Review the Current MMA Compliance Report; for overdue of compliance.<br>

  • Hangar floor, workbenches.<br>

  • Electrical System, Lighting.<br>(Verify the electrical systems aren’t being over used to create a fire hazard)<br>

  • Compressed gas storage acceptable.<br>(Capped, not loose, pressure gauges calibrated and on tool control log)

  • Flammable material storage acceptable. (Explosion proof cabinet(s))

  • Fuel Spill Action Plan Phone list is completed and current.<br>(check that the phone #’s are current)<br>

  • Other documentation.<br>(Site maps, exit signs, safety posters/warnings, and no smoking signs)<br>

  • Labor code books onsite. (library controlled, issued to each base)<br>

  • Canada Labor code part II onsite .<br>

  • Aviation Occupational Safety and Health Regulations onsite.

  • Is the location Base SMS box "green"?

  • Are all raised deficiencies during the Base Self Audit filed in the QA database for actioning?

Stores Area: (Sample at least 10%)

  • Certification and traceability for all aircraft parts.<br>(Ensure the tags have the proper certification for the type P/O or W/O number)<br>

  • Shipping/receiving records present and organized.<br>(Ensure there are the packing lists used and completed correctly)<br>

  • Dangerous good shipping instructions/supplies available.<br>(Ensure the proper Dangerous goods forms are completed and stored for at least 2 years)<br>

  • Hazardous material data sheets available (CSW).<br>(Ensure the sheets are current) <br>

  • Do crews have access to all required MSDS sheets on the CSW?

  • Stores shelf life control; AS400 Reports used and required action taken.<br>(Reports must be kept for 12 months)<br>

  • General tools/hardware cabinets organized and clean.<br>(Certification Traceability, PO# available)<br>

  • Ops gear stored neatly and current inspection.<br>(Current inspection tag, check tags for the for the current year)<br>

  • Quarantine stores present, organized and Secured.<br>(Ensure items in quarantine are tagged properly)<br>

Major Equipment

  • Equipment markings and condition acceptable.<br>

  • Hoist rated and certified.<br>

  • Equipment inspection and maintenance records present and current.<br>(i.e. Towing equipment, hangar door)<br>

  • Precision tools Listed. (including pool engineers)<br>

  • All required precision tools present.<br>

  • All precision tool calibration current.<br>

  • All tools listed in tool calibration log form CH-36 or on website.<br>

  • Technical library, All required aircraft, engine and regulatory publications present.<br>

  • Aircraft, engine and regulatory publication revision status current.<br>(Attach AS400 Library contents report)<br>

  • Tech library self audit completed and current.<br>

Fuel Management

  • Base refueling equipment in good condition.<br>

  • Base fuel system inspection record CH-48; Present and current.

  • Fuel Issue/receipt record and quantity monitoring present and current.<br>(Forms CH-47a and 47b)<br>

  • Fuel supplier audit (form CH-60, 12 months requirement).

  • Fuel spill kits complete and present.<br>

To the best of my knowledge, the information supplied above is accurate and true.

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