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  • Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

Stop and Think

  • What are the activities involved in completing my task? Is there an existing Risk Assessment ? If so , have l reviewed? What are the risks l am facing? What can l do to minimise my risk? What's changed since the last time l performed this task?

Assess your Risks

  • Splash Hazards

  • Mechanical / Pinch Points

  • Lifting/Turning/Fall

  • Confined Space

  • Pressure

  • Contact Hazards

  • Slippery or wet surfaces

  • Chemical Exposure

  • Pushing / Pulling

  • Working at Heights (>1.2 m)

  • Electrical

  • Other Energy Sources

  • Chemical Compatibility

  • Roof Top Hazards

  • Extreme Temperatures

  • Other

Familiarise Yourself

  • Exit

  • Eye Wash

  • Safety Shower

  • Moving Objects (on Floor , Overhead)

  • Emergency Alert System

  • Evacuation Route / Assembly Point

  • Trip Hazards

  • Closest Personnel - Do they know where you are?

  • Other

Establish a Plan

  • What PPE is required?

  • Safety Boots

  • Safety Goggles/Glasses

  • Protective Clothing / Hi Vis

  • Hard Hat

  • Hearing Protection

  • Other

  • Do l have the appropriate permits?

  • Have l completed appropriate checks?<br>(LOTO, Confined space, etc

  • Do l need a safety watch?

  • Did l clear my work area of all hazards?

  • Other

  • Actions taken to minimise or eliminate hazards?

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