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Bedrail Safety Check Guidance [HSE Appendix - BS EN 60601-2-52:2010+A1:2015]

  • Height of the top edge of the side rail above the mattress without compression must be above 220mm.

  • Gaps between elements within the perimeter of the side rail and between the side rail and mattress platform must be less than 120mm.

  • Gap between headboard and end of side rail must be less than 60mm.

  • Gap between foot board and end of side rail must be less than or equal to 60mm or greater than 318mm.

  • Distance between open end of side rail(s) and mattress platform must be less than 60mm.

  • Gap between split side rails must be equal to or less than 60mm or greater than 318mm.

  • Gap between side rail and mattress in ‘plan’ elevation.

Bedrail and bumper inspection (one per bed)

Bedrail and Bumper Inspection

  • Which room and bed is being inspected?

Bedrail Inspection

  • Are the bedrails the appropriate size and dimensions? (Please refer to the guidance above).

  • Are the bedrails fitted securely, with no excessive movement?

  • Are the bedrails in good working condition, with no rust, loose fixings or cracks to joints?

  • Are the bedrails suitable for the intended bed, according to the suppliers instructions?

  • Are the bedrails appropriate for the person?

  • Are the bedrails compatible with other equipment?

Bumper Inspection

  • Are there bumpers installed on the bedrails? (All bedrails in use should have bumpers).

  • Are the bumpers in use compatible with the bedrails?

  • Are the bumpers sufficiently padded? (Due to age and wear and tear, the bumper may no longer be as padded as needs be to be protective).

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