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Evaporative Air Conditioners

Evaporative Air Conditioners

  • check and adjust bleed rate. adjust for even water over distribution pads (quarterly)

  • check operation of float valve and dump valve (quarterly)

  • Check that pads are uniformly wet adjust if necessary (quarterly)

  • inspect pads for cleanliness remove and hose down record and report if pads need replacing (quarterly)

  • remove inspection panel check belts (quarterly)

  • Switch on check pump operation (quarterly)

  • report if air filter (where fitted) requires replacing (quarterly)

  • flush drainage system with clean water (quarterly)

  • Drain and clean sump (quarterly)

  • inspect water strainer and clean where necessary (quarterly)

  • inspect water filter pads and record/report if new pads are required (quarterly)

  • reinstall drain plug in reservoir, fill reservoir and check ball valve setting clean line strainer. (quarterly)

  • apply grease film to blower shaft and bearings (quarterly)

  • Check belts for wear and adjust (quarterly)

  • check pulley adjustment (quarterly)

  • Check pulley alignment (quarterly)

  • clean water distribution channels (quarterly)

  • Empty and clean water reservoir (quarterly)

  • Examine for corrosion repair as necessary and report if painting is required. (quarterly)

  • lightly lubricate motor bearings to e manufacturers rc commendation where possible (quarterly)

  • Remove Hose Down and reinstall filter panels. (quarterly)

Reverse Cycle Air Con

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

  • Check the operation through heating and cooling sequence, including condensing unit. (Monthly)

  • Check casing wiring and insulation for corrosion, clean dry and check that all components are secure. Repair and report any faults. (Monthly)

  • Check for unusual noise or vibration in the outdoor unit and the condenser. (Monthly)

  • Check condenser drain and drop tray to ensure it is free from blockages (Monthly)

  • Check for unusual noise or vibration in the indoor unit and condenser (Monthly)

  • Check that condenser fans operates correctly (Monthly)

  • Check compressor and flare nuts for oil leaks (6 monthly)

  • Clean Air Filter (6 monthly)

  • Check indoor coil for cleanliness (6 monthly)

  • Ensure that TX valve is operating correctly and swapping from heating to cooling mode (6 monthly)

  • Check and record outdoor temperature and air on/off temperature for both heating and cooling (6 monthly)

  • Check all controllers for correct operation (6 monthly)

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  • CONTRACTOR: I certify that the testing and inspection of the HVAC system and associated equipment has been carried out in accordance with the tasks listed in this document.


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