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Nicholson St Playground

  • Are there any trip hazards, sharp objects or broken items that need addressing ?

Is the Sandpit under the Monkey bar free of sharp objects, and is the sand at the marked levels on the poles?

Colourful Playground


  • Structural components are free from damage, rust and corrosion

  • Protective coatings and equipment surfaces are free from damage and wear

  • Rails, bolts and other protruding sharp objects are covered with end caps

  • Moving parts and bearings are well greased/ lubricated

  • Bolts, nuts, screws and fastening pins are in place and secure

  • Handrails and steps are free from damage and are slip resistant


  • Shade sail and structural components are in good condition, free from damage, rust and corrosion

  • Access points to the shade sail has been restricted (e.g. tree branches removed)

  • Bolts, nuts and screws are secure and in good conditionĀ and freeĀ from damage, rust and corrosion


  • Playground equipment fall zones contains at least 30cm of loose soft fall or an appropriate absorbent ground surface (e.g. rubberised compound). If not, can please photograph and document

  • Ground surfaces are level and free of trip hazards (i.e. pot holes, roots, cracks, etc.) If no, please photograph and document

  • The colourful area is free from other hazards, which could cause harm? If no, please document and photograph



  • Is the area free from any sharp branches or objects that may cause injury

  • Is the area free from any other hazards that may cause injury

  • Are plants healthy and not in need of pruning or maintenance?

  • Are Sandpits free from sharp objects

  • Is sand sufficiently deep under monkey bars - at least 20cm / 200 mm

Oval and surrounding area

  • Is the surface of the oval free from any sharp objects and free from any severe trip hazards?

  • Are the fence lines clear of dangerous materials (sharp sticks, glass etc from cubby building etc)

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