3. Practical Demonstration of Familiarisation

  • Identify 3 risks in the area:

  • - Risk 1

  • - Risk 2

  • - Risk 3

  • Assessment

  • Identify 5 forklift components:

  • - Component 1

  • - Component 2

  • - Component 3

  • - Component 4

  • - Component 5

  • Assessment

  • Forklift start up:

  • - Completes pre start check sheet

  • - Mounts forklift using 3 points of contact

  • - Adjusts seat / checks seat

  • - Adjusts mirrors

  • - Wears seatbelt

  • - Tests controls

  • - Explains LOTO procedure

  • - Explains what to do in event of evacuation alarm

  • Operate forklift:

  • - Drives with forks a suitable height from ground

  • - Addresses racking at 90’

  • - Drives within area speed limits

  • - Uses back tilt when carrying load

  • - Checks mirrors and looks over both shoulders before driving off

  • - Locks pallets into rack correctly

  • - Forklift is stopped when raising loads

  • - Sounds horn when approaching blind corners

  • - Gives way when required

  • - Stops forklift when pedestrians enter work zone

  • - Operator can identify weight of load

  • - Operator travels straight on inclines and avoids turning on slope

  • - Operator travels up incline with loads facing forward

  • - Does not hit racking when loading pallets

  • - Controls are operated smoothely

  • - Maintains safe distances from other plant

  • - Operator follows traffic management rules for area

  • - Loads carried are stable / secure

  • Foklift shutdown:

  • - Forklift is parked in correct area

  • - Wheels are straight

  • - Forks are flat on ground

  • - Fork is turned off

  • - Operator completes post operational check

Confirmation of Verification

  • I, have gained skills and knowledge required to affectively and to safely operate the equipment named on this form.

  • I, Confirm the employee named on this document has shown through both practical demonstration and questioning, the skills, knowledge and aptitude required to safely operate the equipment named on this form.

  • As a result I determine the employee: Competent / Not Yet Competent

  • Copy of the Trainers Forklift Licence

Assessment on Trainer

4. Documentation

  • The Site Assessor shall confirm the Verification of Competency has been achieved under the rules of assessment.
    The evidence provided is to be consistent, reliable, valid and authorised.
    All documentation that meets these rules shall be deemed to have achieved competency.
    These results shall be registered in accordance with Learning Management System LMS processes.

Assessor validation:

  • I confirmed that I have witnessed and validated the Trainers validation process

  • Assessors Details

  • Does Evidence Meet Rules

  • Date of Trainers Assessment

  • Notes

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