Facilities, signage and practices

  • Is access to lab area restricted (i.e., controlled by lab supervisor)?

  • Is there evidence of food or drink in laboratory area?

  • Is a hand washing sink including soap and hand towels available?


  • Is the lab maintained in a clean and orderly condition with no housekeeping concerns?

  • Are work surfaces disinfected routinely?

  • Is there evidence of unattended spills?

  • Are personnel familiar with the spill procedure?

Sharps and biological waste disposal practices

  • Are needles and other sharps disposed of in appropriate sharps container?

  • Do needles appear to be bent, broken, or recapped without an exemption in place or without the one-handed scoop technique being used?

  • Are biological waste containers properly labeled, leak proof, lined with a biohazard bag and equipped with a closure?

  • Are personnel familiar with the proper decontamination strategies for biological waste (e.g., cultures, stocks) prior to disposal?


  • Are gloves worn to protect the hands from hazardous materials?

  • Are gloves removed and hands washed when work with hazardous materials has been completed and before leaving the laboratory?

  • Are disposable gloves reused when using hazardous materials?

  • Are lab coats or other body/clothing coverings available if requested?

  • Is PPE and protective coverings removed before leaving for non-laboratory areas?

  • Is eye and face protection used for anticipated splashes or sprays of infectious or other hazardous materials when the materials must be handled outside the BSC or containment device?

Biosafety Resources and Documentation

  • Are records of initial Biosafety training available for all personnel working in the BSL-1 lab?

  • Are records of refresher training available or is there a plan for refresher training for all personnel working in the BSL-1 lab?

  • Are records of lab-specific training available for all personnel working in the BSL-1 lab?

Summary information

  • Comments

  • Signature of laboratory representative

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