• Is LOTO being used?

  • Is PPE being worn by all employees?

  • Are the weekly safety talks being completed?

  • Is the forklift training up to date?

  • Are the monthly fire extinguisher checks completed?


  • What block are being made at block machine?

  • Picture of block being made.

  • Are the block being made at the proper moisture?

  • Are SOP's being utilized for each type of block?

  • Are the DSC's being filled out properly?

  • Are the quarterly hour height checks being completed and documented?

  • What block are being unloaded?

  • Picture of block being unloaded.

  • Are the block being unloaded of good quality.

  • Is the scrap rte for the day at an acceptable level?


  • Are the hourly cycle counts at or above the standard?

  • Are the change over times at or below the standard?

  • Is the total downtime at or below the standard?

  • Is downtime being accurately recorded?

  • Is the head count inline with the production

Housekeeping/ 5s

  • Do all tools have a marked home?

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  • Are all tools in there place?

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  • Are all red tagged and unneeded item removed from work area?

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  • Is the office areas clean and organized?

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  • Are the bathrooms and lunchroom areas clean?

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  • Is the spare parts area organized and labeled?

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  • Are the floors and plant areas swept and clean?

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Preventive maintenance

  • Is the 52 week schedule in place and up to date?

  • Does the maintenance efforts reflect the top ten downtime reasons?

  • Are re-occurring issues added to the PM lst?

  • Are the daily forklift reports completed and in a binder?

  • Are the 52 week checklist completed and in binders?

  • Is Red Tag Green Tag being used on the molds?

  • Are the mold check list being completed?

  • Are work orders being used and logged?

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