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  • Daily Walkthrough must be completed daily and reported back after completion to building management. One floor must be completed daily. Missing furniture must be replaced and furniture/items removed must also be reported.

Kitchen Hubs

  • Exit corridors clear

  • Storage room aisles clear

  • Visual inspection of crockery & cutlery - redistribution between cores/ kitchens when required

  • Ensure no illegal kitchen appliances are brought in

  • Furniture in good working condition

  • Ensure all appliances are in correct position

  • Correct furniture in each hub and in correct position as per kitchen hub furniture plans

Utility Bays

  • Clean utility bays as per utility bay clean out

Floor Checklist - Meeting & Quiet Rooms

  • Ensure all phones are working

  • Ensure all LAN cables are present

  • Flooring (carpets, tiles) in suitable condition - free from damage

  • Leads, plugs, sockets and switches in good condition. Leads not entwined or lying loose.

  • Ensure all desks and meeting rooms have the emergency flip charts available.

  • Correct furniture in each meeting room as per way finder plans

  • Furniture in good working order.

  • Checking reserved meeting rooms and placing signage on un-reserved rooms to contact BMT. Report rooms back to building management.

Floor Checklist - Workspace Lockers

  • Exit corridors clear

  • Clear top of lockers of rubbish and dispose of items

  • Flooring (carpets, tiles) in suitable condition - free from damage

Floor Checklist - Work Station Areas

  • Flooring (carpets, tiles) in suitable condition - free from damage

  • Correct furniture being used. Remove incorrect furniture.

  • Ensure furniture in good working condition.

  • Ensure one pedestal per desk not per person.

  • Identify & report back any mis-use in building ie. covering of vents, illegal items and illegal tech.

  • Ensure that no furniture or equipment is located within 1 metre of the atrium edge.

  • Place signage on furniture, equipment and personal items that is not in correct space and report signage.

  • Removal of furniture & equipment after one week after placing notice.

Stairs, Steps & Handrails

  • Stairwells clear of any obstructions.

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