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  • Class 1, Category 2 vehicles are permitted to carry the following quantities of explosives:

  • 6 – 250 kg 1.1D and 125 – 5000 units 1.1B. NOTE: maximum load of 250 kg

A. Details

  • Vehicle licence to carry

  • Vehicle rego/Id #:

  • Trailer rego (If applicable)

  • Product

  • Class

B. Documentation

  • 1. Current Licence to Carry in vehicle

  • 2. Emergency Procedure Guide (EPG) located within the cabin (Notice on door of location)

C. Signage

  • Class Diamond front and rear, clean and visible

  • Explosives signs front, rear and sides, clean and visbile

D. Carry boxes / Enclosed vehicle bodies

  • Carry box is lockable, latches and locking mechanisms and functioning correctly

  • Carry boxes attached securely to vehicle

  • Carry box is free of any defects or projections likely to cause damage to packages

  • Is the carry box weatherproof (free from cracks and splits)

  • Carry box design meets the requirements in AEC 6.2

E. Safety Equipment

  • At least one (1) dry chemical fire extinguisher rated to at least 30B

  • A Class 30B fire extinguisher is defined in Australian Standard AS 1850-2009 as having a minimum discharge time of 11s, able to extinguish a fire fed by a nominal fuel content of 350L. The class identification and extinguishment mass must be clearly marked on the fire extinguisher

  • Fire extinguisher is serviced and tagged

  • Three (3) double sided emergency breakdown reflectors

  • One (1) pair of wheel chocks

F. General

  • Vehicle in roadworthy condition (based on visual inspection)

  • Interior of carry boxes clean and in good condition

  • Load is secure (e.g. boxes lockable)

  • Vehicle is free from hydrocarbon leaks and other combustibles e.g. oily rags

G. Comments

  • Any general comments here

H. Corrective Actions

  • Record Actions here and include Item, Action Required, Work Order, Notification in 1SAP or CMS

I. Completed Corrective Actions

  • Have the listed actions been completed

  • Which action has been completed and who by?

J. Sign-Off

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  • This document is to be entered into 1SAP notification system

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