Bodyshop Arrangements & Procedures

Bodyshop Arrangements & Procedures

  • There is a clear understanding of who is responsible for Health & Safety?

  • COSHH data sheets are readily available to all staff and are kept up to date?

  • First Aid equipment and trained staff are adequate for the area and clearly identified?

  • The area Fire Marshal has been trained and is clearly identified?

Bodyshop Fire Safety

Bodyshop Fire Safety

  • The extinguishers have an in date service?

  • The alarm call points, and detectors (if applicable), are being tested regularly and records are being kept?

  • Emergency lighting is being tested regularly and records are kept?

  • All staff have received the rudimentary Fire Safety Training available in the Fire Log Folder, section 4? Parts 1 and 2.

  • Fire doors are clear of obstacles and operating as designed?

  • Lids are in place on all bins? As per the Fire Risk Assessment.

  • All Portable Appliances have been tested? (PAT)

  • All entry and exit locations are safe and clear of obstacles?

  • People are able to evacuate in an emergency and a PEEP is done if needed?

Bodyshop Equipment

Bodyshop Equipment

  • Gas / Welding equipment is safe, stored correctly and the regulators have been inspected in the previous 12 months?

  • Ventilation is good? Ensuring any extraction equipment (portable or fixed) has been thoroughly inspected?

  • All ladders and steps are being stored correctly and controlled? Including an identification number on each for monthly inspections.

  • Air lines are in a good order?

  • All power tools (including hammers) have been inspected in the last 12 months? As per Risk Assessments.

  • All hand tools have been identified and the vibration frequency is listed?

  • All hazardous waste is being segregated and disposed of correctly?

  • Records of any waste products being removed are kept for at least 3 years?

Spray Booth

  • The Air Quality has been tested and the certificate is displayed?

  • The clearance time was tested using old filters? Giving a worst case scenario.

  • The spray booth inspection is in date?

  • Record of filter changes are being kept for both the booth and PPE?

Bodyshop Staff Safety

Bodyshop Staff Safety

  • Appropriate signage is displayed for mandatory PPE?

  • PPE is readily available?

  • There is suitable storage and cleaning equipment available for all PPE?

  • Information, instruction and training has been provided on correct use of PPE?

  • All staff have in date Occupational Health Screening? Results are recorded.

  • Toolbox Talks are being delivered regularly? Including an opportunity for all staff to discuss any issues.

  • Are Risk Assessments being communicated via Toolbox Talks?

  • Is General Housekeeping to an acceptable standard?

  • Rate out of 10. (General Housekeeping)


Additional Notes & Observations

  • Any additional Notes or Observations?

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