There is no deliberate re-day dotting, OOD food or beer noted?

There were no fire exits locked or obstructed?

There was no evidence of cross contamination or serious food safety concerns?

There were no systematic failings with weekly fire alarm tests, emergency lighting checks, daily fire checks and fire training records recorded in DMLB?

Are the pub actively managing pest control issues?

Are the staff rooms clean and tidy?

Are all staff adhering to the appearance standards; are kitchen staff wearing correct uniform; is PPE available?

Are all pub communication messages up to date?

Is the daily shift planner in place with breaks assigned and is there evidence of pre- shift briefings?

Is the current week and two full weeks rota displayed?

Are all walk in and service fridge and freezers clean?

Are all high level areas clean?

Are the equipment wheels and casing clean

Are the clam and grills clean?

Are the fryers clean?

Are the pot wash and sinks clean?

Is the chip scuttle clean?

Is the meal stream clean?

Are the contact points clean?

Are the microwaves clean?

Are there any other areas to mark as clean?

Are all work surfaces and shelving clean?

Are the kitchen walls clean?

Is the pizza oven and dough press clean?

Was the clean as you go in place with appropriate cloths and sanitiser available?

Are two working probes and sanitiser wipes available, clean and in use?

Are all temperature controls in place and documented?

Are all oil management practices in place?

Is food stored and handles correctly?

Is food labelled correctly

Is the automatic generated prep list and hot holding levels up to date?

Is the kitchen card available and completed accurately?

Are all stock control measure in place?

Are all energy practices in place, fire up guide displayed and followed and energy comms board in place?

Are all ice handling guidelines in place?

Are the ice machines clean as per SOP?

Are the glass washers and cup washers clean, well maintained and contain sufficient chemicals?

Is there evidence that free pour/ dispense training is completed for new starters and refresher training completed periodically?

Is the emergency response plan available and up to date?

Are all products on the bar within BBF date?

Are all spirits and wines correctly sealed and labelled?

Is the bar area clean and well presented?

Are the glass wash areas clean and tidy?

Is draught dispense witnessed within in line with perfect serve?

Is the stock rotation in the cellar in place?

Are all stock line the cellar with BBF date?

Is the cellar equipment clean and well maintained?

Were there any other cellar related issues?

Is the line cleaning plan available and up to date?

Is there evidence line cleaning is being completed as per SOP?

Are all entrances, including those to the rear well presented, clean and well maintained?

Is the SOP process imbedded in the pub?

Are BOH corridors and BOH areas clean and tidy?

Are non consumable stock measures in place including shadow building or build to levels?

Are all hand wash basins clear from obstructions, clean and fully stocked?

Is the bin area clean, tidy, secure, well presented and all recycling in place?

Are all back of house areas secure and spy holes fitted and spy holes fitted in external access/ delivery doors?

There are currently no maintenance, proofing or pest contractor recommendations

Is there no unused equipment BOH that could be redeployed elsewhere?

There are no previous outstanding action points?

Please state the name of duty manager or pub manager you spoke to

Please add any additional comments here if required

Time to pour a pint of lager

Please state product name

Positives notes on call

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.