B2B? 2 hours

Under Floor Installation? 3 Hours

Ceiling Installation? 3 Hours "morning bookings only"

Phone Integration Required? +0.5 Hours

Installation / Internal Wiring ? "internal wiring over 2m" +0.5 Hours

STB Install? +0.5 Hours

Over 20m A2? +0.5 Hours

2 Man Crew Required?

Over 2 Meter? "BRS Tech Only"

Scaffold Required "BRS Tech Only"

Direct Aerial Install booked to BRS Tech, " If No, you must contact Team Leader"

MUC Tech Required?

12 Fibre ABF?

Pre Installation Form Photo
Measure Map Photo
Fibre Jam Scope Data Photo / Fibre Jam scopers green box Screen Shot

Any Notes about job out of the ordinary?