• Building Inspection - Swimming Pool Barrier

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  • Inspection Notes:

External Pool Fence

  • Check height is 1200mm minimum from solid ground point at any location.

  • Check the space between intermediate rails is 900mm minimum.

  • The boundary fence is a minimum 1800mm height at any location.

  • No gaps under the fence greater than 100mm?

  • No spacing between vertical rails greater than 100mm.

  • No projections of 10mm or more closer than 900mm.


  • Swings outwards away from pool.

  • Self closing latch that will latch from and position.

  • Cannot be fixed in open position.

  • Gap beneath a maximum 100mm.

  • Latch 1500mm above the ground or 1400mm above the highest lower rail OR appropriately sheilded.


  • Are fixtures and fittings in good repair?

  • No loose panels.

  • Trees, plants, furniture etc. do not provide a climbable feature within 1200mm radius from the top of the fence OR 900mm from the face of the fence AND within 300 from the inside of a standard swimming pool fence.

  • An approved resuscitation chart is permanently located on the inside of the pool barrier in a prominent location.

Inspection Outcome

  • Inspection Result

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