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  • 1. Has the inspector printed, collected and reviewed their inspection tickets for the day?<br>

  • 2. Has the inspector gone through their inspections for the day and routed their inspections for the most efficient routes?

  • 3. Has the inspector checked their messages from the night before and returned any calls and emails they might have had?

  • 4. Has the inspector made sure that all his inspections from the night before have been noted and resulted?

  • 5. After returning to the office in the afternoon has the inspector resulted all inspections that could not be resulted in the field?

  • 6. Have all inspection tickets for the day been filed away properly?

  • 7. Has all engineered letters or other documents been attached to the correct permit in the portal?


  • 1. Is the inspector’s vehicle parked where it doesn't block traffic or constitute a safety hazard?

  • 2. Has the inspector verified that the job site address is visible from the street?

  • 3. Has the inspector verified that the permit card is properly displayed?

  • 4. Are previous inspections clearly approved on the permit card?

  • 5. Has the inspector verified that the jobsite is safe for entering and is the site accessible?<br><br>

  • 6. Is the inspector wearing / displaying proper identification?

  • 7. Did the inspector introduce themself as a SAFEbuilt inspector to the contractor / homeowner?<br>

  • 8. If applicable has the inspector located and verified that the SAFEbuilt approved plans are on site?<br><br>

  • 9. Did the inspector bring the proper field inspection checklist or report?<br>

  • 10. Did the inspector sign the permit card?<br><br>

  • 11. Did the inspector leave a copy of the inspection report or checklist with the permit holder?

  • 12. Does the inspector have the proper equipment for the site for example hardhat and or shoe covers? <br>

  • 13. Did the inspector display the SAFEbuilt Core Values?

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