• External wash

  • Tyres cleaned / blackened and shined with correct tyre shine product

  • Oil level checked and filled if required (SOP must be signed off for proper instruction for this procedure)

  • Water level checked and filled if required (SOP must be signed off for proper instruction for this procedure)

  • All globes checked (and defects noted by correct reporting procedure)

  • Body damage checked and new damage reported


  • Air conditioner filter cleaned including mounting grill.

  • Remove all rubbish from inside bus. Includes between seats and wall, under seats and around drivers cab area.

  • Internal sweep

  • Internal mop (includes all floor areas under all seats using clean water)

  • Internal windows cleaned and wiped dry

  • Seats wiped and cleaned. Includes seat supports.

  • Hand rails cleaned and wiped using rags and disinfectant spray.

  • Luggage racks cleaned and wiped using rages and disinfectant spray.

Drivers cab area

  • All rubbish removed. This includes all shelves, areas behind seat and in any cupboard or door compartment.

  • All lost property found in drivers area identified, removed and Ops Manager notified

  • Dash board wiped and cleaned with rags using dash board protectant

  • Drivers cab floor mopped. (should be done with bus cleaning and mopping)

  • Instrument wiped and cleaned with rags


  • All defects noted and reported as per correct local site instructions

  • Vehicle registration label checked and current

  • ADA sticker checked and current

  • Fire extinguisher tag check and within date. Fire extinguisher charge indicator in "green" area

  • Bus has broom

  • Time waiting for bus:

  • Completion of audit procedure is the person will hit "complete audit" and then send to Ops Manager via email as per external instructions located beside this ipad.

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