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Employer Posting

  • Is the required OSHA Legislation Posters (OHSA, Employment Equity, BCEA & COIDA) displayed in a prominent location?

  • Are emergency numbers posted and readily available?

  • Is the latest company policy statement displayed and signed?

  • Are all the required OHS information displayed on the notices board, and are the information up to date and displayed in an orderly fashion?

Record keeping

  • Are occupational injuries or illness, except those requiring only first aid, recorded on the OSHA 300 log?

  • Are employee training records kept and accessible?

  • IS the current site specific OHS structure displayed, and are training records for appointees valid?

Safety and Health Program

  • Is there a formalized safety and health program in operation?

  • Is one person clearly responsible for the safety and health program?

  • Do you have a safety committee that meets regularly?

Medical Services and First Aid

  • If workers are expected to administer first aid, have they received the proper training?

  • Are fully supplied first aid kits available to each work area, periodically inspected, and replenished as needed?

Fire Protection

  • Is the fire alarm system certified and tested annually?

  • Are portable fire extinguishers provided in adequate number and type?

  • Are portable fire extinguishers properly mounted, 1200mm from the floor surface and onto backing boards, and readily accessible (1m sqaure clear access)?

  • Are portable fire extinguishers inspected regularly?

  • Are employees trained in the use of fire extinguishers and fire protection? Documented?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Has a PPE Assessment been completed?

  • If hazards were identified, is the necessary PPE required?

  • Have employees been trained on what PPE is required, when PPE is needed, and how to properly adjust it?

  • Is all PPE maintain in sanitary condition and ready for use?

  • Are food and beverages consumed only in areas where there is no exposure to hazardous materials?

  • Are adequate work procedures, PPE and equipment provided and used when cleaning up hazardous materials?

  • Are procedures in place to dispose of or decontaminate PPE?

General Work Environment

  • Are aisles kept clear and marked as appropriate?

  • Are workstations clean, sanitary, and orderly?

  • Are spilled materials cleaned up immediately?

  • Are floor openings properly guarded?

Life Safety

  • Are all exits marked with an exit sign and illuminated by a reliable light source?

  • Are doors and passageways that are neither exits or exit routes labeled, NOT AN EXIT?

  • Are exit signs labeled with the word "EXIT" in lettering that is at least 5 inches high and half in wide?

  • Are exits free from obstruction?

  • Are there a sufficient number of exits?

  • Do exit doors open in the direction of travel?

  • Has an evacuation plan been implemented?

  • Are employees trained in proper evacuation procedures?

Portable Ladders

  • Are all ladders maintained in good condition?

  • Are non slip provided for metal ladders?

  • Are ladders periodically inspected for damage?

  • Are employees trained in the proper use of the ladders?

Hand Tools and Equipment

  • Are all tools and equipment in good/operational condition?

  • Are damaged tools repaired or replaced as necessary?

  • Are ergonomic hand tools utilized?

  • Are all cord-connected, electrically operated tools and equipment effectively grounded or double insulated?

Equipment and Guarding

  • Is there a training program to instruct employees on safe method of machine operation?

  • Are equipment and machine guarding inspected regularly?

  • Is all equipment kept clean and properly maintained?

  • Is equipment securely placed or anchored?

Compressed Gas Cylinders

  • Are cylinders clearly labeled to identify the type of gas?

  • Are cylinders stored in areas protected from external heat sources?

  • Are cylinders stored and transported in a manner to prevent tipping or damage?

  • Are valve protectors on cylinders when not in use?

Hazardous Communication

  • Is there a list of hazardous substances used in your workplace?

  • Are MSDS available and up to date?

  • Is there a written hazardous communication program?

  • Is each container labeled with product identity and a hazard warning?

  • Are employees trained on MSDS content and use, right to know information, location of hazcom program and MSDS, location and protection of physical and health hazards, and details of the hazcom program?


  • Do you require certificate of compliance for all DB's with in your area of responsibility?

  • Are multiple plug adapters used as temporary measure (none should be permanently fixed to walls and surfaces)?

  • Is wiring, cords, and connectors in good condition (no frayed wires and / or exposed wires)?

  • Are frayed and damaged cords removed from service?

  • Are all disconnecting switches and circuit breakers properly labeled?

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