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External drainage

  • Correct drainage sizing (main drain 100mm)

  • Grade or fall at a minimum 1.60 or 1.65% to septic tank

  • Approved pipe work material used - stamp visible

  • Correct bedding/side support - 10mm maximum hard stone / blue metal or sparged with 1 part Portland cement and 4 parts clean sand

  • Vented (between last and second last fixture, <8.5m from the end of drain or >10m from a gully

  • Gully requirements - at least 150mm below lowest fixture and 75mm above surrounding ground level

  • Inspection openings (at the point of connection to septic tank, immediately at or upstream of a bend, outside the building where the WC is connected, at interval lengths of <30m where WC are connected)

  • If back filled, is certifying certificate required from the drainer or plumber

  • The required cover where applicable comments

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