• Customer authorization

  • Technical records and maintenance schedule review

  • Current and relevant technical information available


  • Prepare aircraft for inspection. Clean? Remove inspection covers, access doors, cowls, fairings

  • Inspect door and cowl locking mechanisms

  • Lubricate - As per manufacturer's recommendations

Fusilage and hull

  • Structure - Deterioration, distortion, failure, security

  • Systems and components - Installation, defects, operation

Cabin and Cockpit

  • Generally - Control obstructions

  • Seats and safety belts - Condition, fraying, apparent defects

  • Windows and windshields - Deterioration, breakage

  • Instruments - Condition, markings

  • Flight and engine controls - Installation, operation

  • Batteries - Installation, charge

  • All systems - Installation, condition, defects, attachment

  • Placards - missing, illegible mandatory placards

Engine and Nacelles Group

  • Leaks - Oil, fuel, hyd.

  • Studs and nuts - Defects, torque, locking

  • Compression

  • Screens and Sumps

  • Engine mounts - Cracks, corrosion, security

  • Flexible vibration dampers - Condition, deterioration

  • Controls - Defects, travel, safety

  • Lines, hoses, clamps- Leaks, condition, looseness

  • Exhaust - Cracks, defects, attachment

  • Spark plugs - clean, gap, re-install

  • Accessories - Defects, mounting

  • All systems - Installation, condition, defects, attachment

  • Cowls - Cracks, defects

  • Oil Change


  • Oil

  • Air

  • Hydraulic

  • Pneumatic

Fuel System

  • Sumps

  • Caps

  • Vents

  • Leaks

Landing Gear Group

  • All units - Condition, security

  • Shock absorbing devices - Oleo fluid level

  • Linkages, trusses, members - Wear, fatigue, distortion

  • Retraction and locking mechanism - Operation, condition

  • Hydraulic lines - Leaks, damage

  • Electrical - Chafing, security, switch operation

  • Wheels - Cracks, defects, bearings

  • Tires - Wear, cuts, inflation, installation

  • Brakes - Wear, adjustment

Wing Structure and Centre Section

  • Inspect structure - Deterioration, distortion, failure, attachment

Flaps and Speed Brakes

  • Inspect for - Defects and Security


  • Inspect structure - Deterioration , distortion, failure, attachment

Propellor Group

  • Hub - Defects, corrosion, leaks, damage

  • Attachment - Security

  • Bolts and Nuts - Torque, safety

  • Blades - Nicks, corrosion, dents, bends, erosion, lighting strike, track, play

  • Control Mechanisms - operation, mounting, travel

Radio Group

  • Radio and electronic equipment - Installation, mounting

  • Bonding and shielding - Installation security

  • Wiring and conduits - Routing, security

  • Antennas - condition, mounting

Engine Run

  • RPM Maximum / Idle

  • Mag. drop

  • Fuel and Oil Pressures

  • Prop and Ancillary Controls


CAR 625 APP "C"

  • Compass

  • Altimeter

  • Encoder

  • Transponder

  • Static Leak Check

  • ELT

  • ELT Remote Battery


  • First Aid Kit

  • Fire Extinguishers 1 year Inspection

  • Fire Extinguisher Additional Maintenance

Defects and Completion


  • Tap to enter Defect

  • Defect Status


  • Completion, replace or close inspection plate, access doors, spinner, fairings, cowlings

  • Enter details of all deficiencies found during the inspection In the technical records

  • Maintenance Release in Technical Record

  • Add signature

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