First impressions

All external brand signage (including car park) is current to new style evolution format, clean and illuminated. (1)

Service and register counters clean and clear including no unauthorized or handwritten signage attached to windows, doors or cash and wrap. (1)

Entry displays, bulk bins and front MIP ends all well merchandised, ticketed and full. (1)

Correct bag check and refund signs in place. (1)

Total score:

Pride in our people.

All team members compliant with all personal presentation and uniform standards as specified. (1)

All team members registered on the online training academy and all team members have a training plan in place that is held in store in their individual file. (1)

All team members have completed the employee induction program, new team member policies and procedures, and workplace health and safety policies and procedures on the online training academy.(1)

All team members have been issued with, signed and returned their current contract now held in store in their individual file. All team members have been issued with their current position description, fair work information statement and are also kept on file. (1)

All workplace health and safety incident and injury reporting procedures are implemented and adhered to. (1)

Total score

Merchandise POG implementation

Planogram one implemented (1)

Planogram one submitted (1)

Planogram one fully ticketed (1)

Planogram two implemented (1)

Planogram two submitted (1)

Planogram two fully ticketed (1)

Planogram three implemented (1)

Planogram three submitted (1)

Planogram here fully ticketed (1)

Planogram four implemented (1)

Planogram four submitted (1)

Planogram four fully ticketed (1)

Planogram five implemented (1)

Planogram five submitted (1)

Planogram five fully ticketed (1)

Planogram six implemented (1)

Planogram six submitted (1)

Planogram six fully ticketed (1)

Planogram seven implemented (1)

Planogram seven submitted (1)

Planogram seven fully ticketed (1)

Planogram eight implemented (1)

Planogram eight submitted (1)

Planogram eight fully ticketed (1)

Planogram nine implemented (1)

Planogram nine submitted (1)

Planogram nine fully ticketed (1)

Planogram ten implemented (1)

Planogram ten submitted (1)

Planogram ten fully ticketed (1)

Total score

Merchandise key strategy implementation

TWC action alerts printed and actioned (1)

TWC weekly action bulletins printed, all points completed and filed for management review. (1)

The white paper printed and distributed for all staff to read. (1)

Current catalogue set up, ticketed and 100% in stock, with accepted supplier apologies in place. (3)

Current KVI pricing ticketed as per strategy (1)

Private label ready reckoner actioned, all lines in stock, blue dots and shelf talkers. (3)

Only TWC approved supplier stands and collateral used in store (1)

All new generic medicines have internally published substitution targets of 50% or more. Updated and monitored daily. (3)

Total generic substitution rate targets are internally published and monitored daily. (3)

Active ingredient policy visible in store and actively supported. (1)

50% day one policy visible in store and associated collateral in use. (1)

Scripts ready program and collateral in use and targets set for customers on file. (1)

TWC own brand (apotex) ethical 100% ranged. (2)

Pharmacist advice companion scripts program in use (1)

Living healthy and TWC meal replacements 100% ranged and highlighted with a maximum of one shelf talker for every two facings. (1)

Baby weight station set up and strategy document actioned. (1)

Natural health dump bins fully stocked and ticketed. (1)

Colgate EDLP strategy in place including off location dump bin and ticketed at $1.99 (1)

Heart health equipment is set up correctly in the booth, point of sale is displayed and folders are available, with a trained staff. (1)

Store is using go bookings for all applicable programs including heart health. (1)

Diabetes- stores have software for downloading results of key manufacturers. (1)

Pharmacy practice incentive claims are submitted quarterly. Community dose and clinical interventions have targets and are recorded (1)

Tony ferguson program implemented and presented to agreed strategy (1)

Have a full time Tony Ferguson consultant available for all trading hours. (1)

Stock intensity on fragrance waterfalls and ticketed as per guidelines (1)

Perfume place fragrance number 1-10 cards, his and hers cards and our most popular fragrance cards available. (1)

Latest release cards available. (1)

Michael Edwards Fragrance of the World manual available to assist in selling fragrances. (1)

Testers available for customers. (1)

Beauty zone core and optional brands ranged as per strategy document. (1)

Total score

Marketing standard

Terry white tv on on and sound is audible. (1)

Layouts for " our pick of the week as advertised on terry white tv " are implemented as per relevant promotional period. (1)

Current catalogue displayed in stands and on counters. (1)

Current brand approved pos is displayed including security gates when supplied. (1)

All staff are aware of price match guarantee terms and conditions. (1)

Gift card program is activated and staff are trained. (1)

Any LAM is approved to brand standards by marketing department/regional manager. (1)

Price cuts are here to stay set up guide implemented. (1)

New sign iq ticketing used in line with set up guide. Replace any old ticketing. (4)

Total score

Business operations standards

Rolling stocktakes completed for entire store every three months. (1)

Negative stocks are less than ten lines and checked daily (1)

Invoices are entered daily with no outstanding invoices. (1)

Supplier credits/claims are up to date. (1)

Register shortages and no sales are checked for authenticity (1)

Team rosters reviewed against customer traffic reports and wage/sales % budget and adjusted accordingly. (1)

Customer feedback complaints kept on file in store and reviewed by owners/managers weekly. (1)

Tr affix lit report from regional manager is reviewed and store is classified as green or amber for all items (1)

Total score

Total summary score

First impressions score

Pride in our people score

Merchandise POG implementation score

Merchandise key strategy implementation score

Marketing standards score

Business operations standards score

Total care factor score

Actions to be completed before next review

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.