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Midtown Workplace Inspection

A. General / Office Safety

  • A1. Are all access, walkway & work area’s well lighted?

  • A2. Are floors and surfaces in good condition and free of hazards? (Slips & Trips)

  • A3. Potted plant/vertical gardens well maintained?

  • A4. Are under staircases clear of combustible materials?

  • A5. Are Wall & ceilings fixtures fastened securely?

  • A7. Safety Signage displayed to warn of Hazards?

  • A8. Photo copying area are separated from other areas?

  • A9. Shredders & Paper cutting devices shield equipped?

  • A10. No one working in an awkward position?

  • A11. Use any assistance/protective equipment for work

  • A12. General housekeeping is acceptable?

  • A13. Are lighting levels satisfactory?

  • A14. Any damaged Ceiling Tiles damaged?

  • A15. Are the common area kitchen/tea rooms clean?

B. Waste and Washroom Facilities

  • B1. Sufficient garbage bins are available?

  • B2. Bins are marked for waste separation?

  • B3. Pest bait stations in waste area?

  • B4. Potable water available?

  • B5. Toilets and washing facilities are cleaned once a day?

  • B6. Is the general presentation and cleanliness satisfactory?

C. Plant Rooms

  • C1. Is noise in Plant Rooms <85 dB?

  • C2. Access to plant rooms is resticted?

  • C3. Areas are clear, free of rubbish and obstruction?

  • C4. Lighting is adequate and warning signage displayed?

  • C5. Mechanical areas are safe guarded?

  • C7. Generators are free of damage?

  • C8. Access to Equipment registration available?

  • C9. Are ALL plant rooms neat and tidy, free from debris and trip hazards?

  • C10. If required, are the roof anchor points/lines been maintained?

  • C11. Are all access ladders and stairways in good condition?

D. Electrical Safety

  • D1. Are Electrical appliances tested to specified standard?

  • D2. There are no overloaded power sockets?

  • D3. All equipment/electrical cords / cables grounded?

  • D4. Electrical cords/cables in good condition?

  • D5. High voltage electrical service rooms kept locked?

  • D6. Proper signage/notices displayed to warn of Hazard?

E. Emergency Equipment/Preparedness

  • E. Is a Service Provider regularly testing and maintaining the following components to the relevant Service Agreement and appropriate State legislation:

  • E1. First Aiders & Fire Wardens appointed on each level?

  • E2. Are Emergency Contact numbers displayed?

  • E3. All emergency tools and equipment visible and accessible?

  • E4. First Aid boxes contains regulator items and have been serviced in the last three months?

  • E5. AED has flashing light and defib pads are current?

  • E6. Eye washes available in First Aid kits?

  • E7. Emergency lighting and emergency exits signs operating?

  • E8. All fire control equipment tested and certified?

  • E9. Extinguishers regularly checked and tested?

  • E10. Fire suppression System checked and serviced?

  • E11. Sprinklers heads have at least .5m clearance?

  • E12. Riser (Dry/Wet) & hose reel cabinet cleared?

  • E13. All escape routes and emergency exits are kept clear from obstructions?

  • E14. All Fire door signs are in place?

  • E15. Are valve in sprinkler systems open and Locked?

  • E16. Is the emergency evacuation plan clearly displayed in all areas?

  • A17. Are Fire Cupboards (fire hose reel storage, etc) clean and free from stored materials and rubbish?

F. Material Storage

  • F1. Storage racks secured from falling?

  • F2. Large and heavy objects are stored on lower shelves?

  • F3. Step ladder available for material on higher shelves?

  • F4. Inventory\SDS for Hazardous substances updated?

  • F5. Individual products are properly labelled?

  • F6. Valid Safety Data Sheet of product is available?

  • F7. Flammable materials stored in flammable cabinets?

  • F8. Hazardous waste storage is isolated and labelled?

  • F9. Spill kits absorbent material are fully stocked?


  • 1. Are all restricted access areas locked?

Plant & Equipment

Other Hazards

  • Please make a note of any hazards not already identified in this report.

General Comment

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  • Any security breaches, accidents occurred since last inspection?

  • CBRE Auditor:

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