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  • Document No.

  • Client / Site Orora (B9) Botany

  • Location Botany Mill Matraville NSW
  • Audit Title - Shut Audit, High Risk Activity

  • Job\Task

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by Chris Burgess

  • Department

  • Personnel

  • What is the task?

  • Add photos as required.

1.0 JSEAs and Controls

  • 1.1 Is the JSEA completed for this task?

  • 1.2 Has the JSEA been reviewed by the the task Workgroup Leader\Supervisor\Manager?

  • 1.3 If this is an Engineering task or a non routine Production task (eg. Cleaning task, packing change) have all workers reviewed and signed the JSEA?

  • 1.4 Does all the electrical equipment have evidence of tagging\testing?<br>Are they within specified dates? Eg electrical leads, gas bottles, power tools etc.

  • 1.6 Have those controls been implemented effectively?

  • 1.5 Have appropriate controls been identified for each hazard?

3.0 Permits

  • 3.1 Are appropriate permits in place? (Eg. Hot Work, Isolations, Work at Heights, Ground Opening, Confined Space Entry, Scaff tags etc.)

  • 3.2 Have they been completed/authorised appropriately?

2.0 PPE

  • 2.1 Is appropriate PPE being worn?

4.0 Training

  • 4.1 Does the person(s) performing the work have the appropriate qualifications/licence/competency/training?

  • 4.2 Is the person(s) performing the task consistent with steps identified in the JSEA?

5.0 Contractors

  • 5.1 If the work is being performed by contractors do they have a current induction?

  • 5.2 Do they have an appropriate level of Supervision for the task being performed?

6.0 Unsafe Acts and Or Conditions

  • 6.1 Were there any other unsafe acts or conditions identified during this audit? If yes what were they?

7.0. Mobile Plant

  • 7.1 If the task involves the use of mobile plant (eg. Cranes, forklifts, bobcat etc) have the pre start check lists been completed?

8.0 Workgroup Manager/Supervisor

  • 8.1 Has a copy of the audit been provided to the Workgroup Leader, Manager and/or Supervisor?

9.0 Notes

  • Enter any additional comments or observations

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