Compliance Passport

  • Driver Route Number:

  • Arrival Date/Time:

  • Qty Half Racks:

  • Metro Racks:

  • Water Pallets:

  • Cooler Pallets:

  • Always ensure the Estimated Time on Site and/or the Total Time on Site will not impact the Driver’s Journey Management Plan or Rest Break Requirements

Driver Compliance Declaration

  • I am fit for work – I have had my regulated rest and I am not impaired by Fatigue, Drugs or Alcohol

  • Vehicle is roadworthy – I have completed a pre start checklist and the vehicle has been maintained in line with the vehicles maintenance schedule

  • Mass Compliant- I have been consulted in the loading of this vehicle and to the best of my knowledge takes into account gross mass and axle weight limits.

  • Load Restraint Compliant- I have been supplied with a copy of the CCA Load Restraint Guideline (LRG) appropriate to the vehicle & load. The load is restrained in accordance with the load restraint guideline principles.

  • Driver Name & Signature:

Loader / Manager Compliance Declaration:

  • Mass Compliant- The vehicle was loaded in consultation with the driver and to the best of my knowledge takes into account gross mass and axel weight limits.

  • Load Restraint Compliant- The vehicle is loaded in-line with the CCA Load Restraint Guideline (LRG) appropriate to the vehicle & load

  • Vehicles - Vehicles brought on site are clean, free from rubbish and debris. Suitable for food & Beverage quality standards.

  • Ensure all Half Rack bars are intact when loading

  • Check Out Name & Signature:

  • Notes: ALL questions, issues or concerns MUST be escalated through the site Chain of Responsibility Escalation process. The first point of escalation will be the site Loading Manager.
    The Loading Manager will sign off ALL loads that may be considered complex from a gross mass or load restraint perspective.
    Security will not release a loaded vehicle unless all fields are completed appropriately.

  • Time Offsite

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