1. Positions of workers and people on site?

  • 1.1. Workers and people are clear of falling objects?

  • 1.2. Workers clear of entangled in machinery? (sufficient exclusion zones are in place)

  • 1.3. Workers are clear of moving objects? (they cannot get caught between objects in motion)

  • 1.4 Workers are adopting good postural positions? (not straining, over reaching or over exerting body parts)

  • 1.5 Site is free of slip/trip/fall hazards?

  • 1.6 Workers are free from exposure to hazardous substances?

  • 1.7 Workers on site are safe from UV exposure? (compliance with Sun Care Policy)

2. Traffic Management

  • 2.1 An adequate Traffic Management Plan (TMP) has been developed for the site?

  • 2.2 Suitably trained workers are onsite to initiate TMP or to make changes to the TMP as needed?
    (contractors and visitors)

  • 2.3 TMP control measures are suitable for the worksite? (physical barriers, bollards, speed limits, flashing lights, spotters, etc)

  • 2.4 Correct signs have been placed?

  • 2.5 Location of signage is correct as per TMP?

  • 2.6 Delineation of the worksite is adequate?

  • 2.7 Adequate pedestrian / traffic thorough fares in place?

  • 2.8 Workers on stop/slow duties are rotated regularly and have adequate rest breaks?

3. Plant and Equipment

  • 3.1 Plant/equipment in use on site is serviceable and free from damage? (including missing or damaged guards)

  • 3.2 Correct plant / equipment for the job is being utilised? ( eg. size and type of plant, hand tools versus power tools )

  • 3.3 Lifting chains and slings are in test date and in good condition?

  • 3.4 Correct attachments are being used with plant/equipment? (attachments in use are in a safe condition)

  • 3.5 Exclusion zones have been placed around moving plant / machinery

  • 3.6 All operators hold the appropriate licences?

  • 3.7 Safe work instructions are available on site?

  • 3.8 Plant pre start checks are performed and logged?

4. Documentation / procedures required for site

  • 4.1 Service location documentation is available on site?

  • 4.2. Site construction plans are available on site?

  • 4.3 A Look out hazard ID / SWMS have been completed for works on site?

  • 4.4 Traffic management record/form has been completed?

  • 4.5. Trenching excavation form completed? ( if required )

  • 4.6 Permit to work - Hot work / Confined space entry form completed? (if required )

  • 4.7 All workers on site hold a White Card?

5. Personal protective equipment

  • 5.1. All Workers are wearing Hi Vis uniform?

  • 5.2. All Workers are wearing correct footwear?

  • 5.3. Workers are wearing eye protection? ( if appropriate )

  • 5.4 Workers are wearing hearing protection? ( if appropriate )

  • 5.5. Workers are wearing hard hat? ( if appropriate )

  • 5.6. Workers are wearing respiratory protection? ( if appropriate )

  • 5.7 All PPE is in a serviceable condition? ( clean and well maintained )

6. Working at height

  • 6.1 Fall prevention controls are in place to prevent works falling? ( either from height or into an excavation etc)

  • 6.2 Ladders in use are appropriate for the task? ( load rated and set up correctly )

  • 6.3 Fall prevention control measures are adequate? ( eg. Edge protection, barricades etc.)

  • 6.4 Exclusion zones are in place beneath overhead workers?

7. Tools and equipment

  • 7.1 Appropriate tools are available on site?

  • 7.2. Tools are being used correctly?

  • 7.3. Tools in use are in a safe condition?

8. Hazardous Manual Tasks

  • 8.1 Heavy loads /objects are handled correctly?

  • 8.2 Awkward / unbalanced loads are handled correctly?

  • 8.3 Job rotation is adopted to prevent exertion and fatigue of workers?

9. Hazardous Chemical (including fuel and oil)

  • 9.1 Safe storage location of hazardous substances? (e.g. Stored flammables away ignition sources, spills prevented from entering stormwater drains, etc)

  • 9.2 Separation/segregation of Incompatible chemicals?

  • 9.3 Adequate spill containment measures and equipment are available on site?

  • 9.4 Safety Data Sheets are accessible on site?

  • 9.5 Chemicals stored in appropriate containers?

  • 9.6. Chemical containers correctly labelled?

10 Electrical Hazards

  • 10.1 Electrical Leads are in a safe condition? (eg. not damaged, out of test date or untested)

  • 10.2 Electrical power tools are in good condition?

  • 10.3 Underground assets have been identified and control measures adopted? (Eg. when digging use a spotter)

  • 10.4 Over head electrical lines have been identified and control measures adopted? (Eg. Green safety cones, spotter, exclusion zone, etc.

  • 10.5 Electrical equipment is operated clear of water sources?

  • 10.6 Electrical equipment is operated clear of flammables?

  • 10.7 Electrical equipment is operated and stored away from chemicals that could cause damage?

  • 10.8 Electrical leads are run out of the way of moving machinery parts or plant to prevent damage? (eg. leads driven over by vehicles etc.)

11 General Work Environment

  • 11.1 Amenities are adequate for the site and type of works being undertaken? (Eg.toilets, wash areas, lunch rooms, etc)

  • 11.2 Amenities are kept clean and tidy? (good housekeeping)

  • 11.3 Correct location of amenities in relation to worksite?

  • 11.4 First Aid kit is available on site and is adequately stocked?

  • 11.5 Trained first aid person on site?

  • 11.5 Fire extinguisher is available in amenities and in test date?

Unsafe Acts Observed / Corrective Actions

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General observations / comments

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