1.0 - Previous inspection

1.1 - Has the last inspection been reviewed?

1.2 - Outstanding issues have been action end?

2.0 - Housekeeping

2.1 - Work areas are free from rubbish and obstruction?

2.2 - Combustable materials and other potential fire accelerants are stored appropriately?

2.3 - Doors are fully functional?

2.4 - Floor coverings / areas clean and swept?

2.5 - Floors and aisles are cleared of rubbish, materials & equipment? (Used and unused)

2.6 - Stock/material stored safely?

2.7 - Good vision at corners?

2.8 Safety signs are adequate and used appropriately?

3.0 Electrical

3.1 Electrical Plugs, sockets and switches are in good condition? (not broken or cracked)

3.2 Power outlet protection plugs/covers have been fitted?

3.3 Leads are in good repair - tagged and tested? (not frayed or damaged)

3.4 Carers and children are shielded from live electrical equipment?

3.5 Cables and leads are run safely? (no strained leads or trip hazards)

3.6 Heaters are located safely and in good working order?

3.7 Power boards are safe? (not overloaded)

4.0 Lighting

4.1 Adequate lighting in general area?

4.2 All lights are working? (no flickering or inoperable lights)

4.3 Windows are clean to allow for natural light?

4.4 Emergency lighting is operational? (exits lights are illuminated)

5.0 - Hazardous Substances

5.1 - Hazardous substances / chemicals are stored appropriately?

5.2 - Containers are correctly labelled

5.3 - Adequate ventilation where chemicals are stored/used?

5.4 - Safety Data Sheets are available?

5.5 - Chemical handling is as per manufacturers instructions?

5.6 - Emergency equipment is available and functional? (Eg. Spill kit, first aid kit, eye wash etc.)

5.7 Incompatible chemicals are separated or segregated?

5.8 If required PPE is available?

6.0 - Stairs, Steps and Landings

6.1 Steps and stairs are safe? (no worn or broken steps)

6.2 Handrails are in good repair?

6.3 Clear of obstructions?

6.4 Adequate lighting around stairways? (natural or electric)

6.5 Non-slip treatments/treads are in good condition?

6.6 Area is clear of debris and spills?

6.7 Landings have even surfaces?

6.8 Kick plates fitted where required?

7.0 Kitchen Areas

7.1 Equipment is in good working order?

7.2 Trolleys in good working order?

7.3 Adequate dish washing and manual washing facilities are available?

7.4 Staff have been trained in food handling techniques?

7.5 Shared cups and plates have been washed in hot soapy water?

7.6 Fire extinguisher / fire blanket is available in case of fire?

8.0 - Manual Handling

8.1 - Mechanical aids adequate for current needs?

8.2 - Manual handling risk assessment performed?

8.3 - Manual handling controls implemented?

8.4 - Work surfaces (desks, benches) are set up at the appropriate height?

8.8 Ergonomic hazards have been addressed? (no excessive bending or stooping is required)

8.9 Container size and weights are manageable for workers?

8.10 Manual aids are available for a lifting heavy loads

9.0 - Storage Areas

9.1 Stacks are stable?

9.2 Stack heights are correct?

9.3 Sufficient space for moving stock?

9.4 - Shelves are free of rubbish?

9.5 - Heavy items are stored at a convenient height?

9.6 Items stacked on shelves are safe? (carers free from the danger of falling objects)

9.7 Shelving and edges are safe? (free of sharp edges)

9.8 Safe means of accessing high shelves?

10.0 - First Aid

10.1 Record of treatment and supplies dispensed?

10.2 Incident reports forwarded to HR Department?

10.3 Cabinets/kits contents are clean, orderly and properly stacked?

10.4 Emergency names and numbers are clearly displayed?

11.0 Emergency Procedures

11.1 Procedures are accessible?

11.2 Evacuation plan is displayed?

11.3 Evacuation practice drill within last 12 months?

11.4 Emergency exits clearly marked / functional?

11.5 Emergency exits are unobstructed?

11.6 Exit doors can be opened from the inside?

12.0 - Compliance

12.1 Workers comply with SWMS?

12.2 - Hazard control measures are in place?

12.3 Hazard control measures are effective?

12.4 Additional control measures are required?

13.0 General observations / comments

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.