• LIGHTING - is it a sufficient level? Undamaged & shielded?

  • VENTILATION - is there a sufficient flow & local extraction on?

  • AIR QUALITY - no dust present & acceptable monitoring in place?

  • NOISE EXPOSURE - no air leaks, worn bearings or loose fittings etc?

  • TEMPERATURE - appropriate levels?

  • LAYOUT - appropriate access? No tight spaces?

  • FLOORS - no cracks or spills?

  • WALKWAY & BARRIERS - Unobstructed & undamaged?

  • ACCESS & EGRESS - Unobstructed? Correct signage in place?


  • FIXED PLANT - guards present and undamaged?

  • CONVEYORS - trap points guarded? Undamaged slats?

  • LIFTING EQUIPMENT - correctly tagged? Undamaged?

  • VEHICLES - pre-use checks complete? Parked correctly?

  • ACCESS EQUIPMENT - are ladders & scaffold correctly tagged?

  • RACKING - undamaged with maximum weight indicated?

  • HOSES - Coiled after use? No leaks?

  • HAND TOOLS - PAT in date? Stored correctly?

  • PPE AVAILABILITY - available? correct type? clean?

  • LOCK OFF, TAGGING & KEY SYSTEMS - tag present? Clear person named? Correct use of keys?


  • STACKING & STORAGE - correct location & height?

  • CHEMICAL STORAGE - correct locations? COSHH sheets available? Bunded?

  • COMPRESSED GASES (cylinders & pipes) - correct location & secured?


  • EMERGENCY SIGNAGE - present? Legible? Undamaged? In the correct location?

  • FIRE FIGHTING - present? In date? Stored correctly?

  • EYE BATHS & SHOWERS - present? Working? No leaks?

  • EYE WASH BOTTLES - present & in date?

  • FIRST AID BOX - present and correctly stocked?

  • SALT - present & the correct amount?


  • PPE USE - worn correctly & the correct type

  • SPEED - vehicle under <10mph? No running?

  • ROUTES & WALKWAYS - following correct route?



  • SPILLS - no spills apparent?


  • WATER LEAKS - no leaks apparent? Jets and sprays at acceptable output?

  • AIR LEAKS - no leaks apparent?

  • UNUSED EQUIPMENT RUNNING - only the equipment in use is running?

  • WASTE SEGREGATION - segregated correctly?


  • SPILL KITS - present? Correctly located? Stocked correctly and undamaged?



  • HAND WASH STATIONS - working? Hot water? Working dryers?

  • CLEANING MATERIALS - available? Is it the correct equipment for the area?

  • COLOUR CODED TOOLS - is it the correct colour for the area & all equipment available?


  • RUBBISH - no accumulation of rubbish? Rubbish disposed of correctly?

  • PERSONAL HYGIENE - personnel & uniform clean?

  • FOOD - no food being consumed outside of designated areas?


  • LABELLING - material, product & frozen stock correctly labelled?

  • MATERIALS FROM PREVIOUS RUN - no finished product , materials or waste on line?

  • STORAGE - materials stored correctly as directed? In the correct locations, temperatures & bunding etc?


  • PEST INGRESS - no evidence of?

  • DOORS & MESH SCREENS - doors closed? Roller shutters down? Mesh screens on open areas?


  • STICKY TAPE ENGINEERING - temporary works completed to a high standard?

  • OVERHEAD FIXTURES - in good working condition?


  • PERSONAL ITEMS - no personal items in production areas?

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