Photo taken from entrance of compound looking in.

Compound: must be clean and free of debris.

Fences & Gates: functional without damage or deficiencies.

Locks & Mechanisms: all locks and mechanisms present and functional.

Shelter or Enclosure: exterior of shelter or enclosure without damage or deficiencies.

Identification & Labelling: all exterior labelling and identification present. Engineering # on door (other identifications vary by province).

Tower and Shelter Lighting: exterior shelter and lighting functional.

Surrounding Environment: surrounding area should be free of potentially dangerous or damaging objects. Example: trees, branches, etc...

Photo of poor grounding (if necessary).

Ground Cables: all exterior grounding cables must be solid, properly attached without damage and not missing.

Ground Resistance Meter: any suspect ground connections must be checked with Ground Resistance Meter.

Photo of generator.

Generator: enclosure should have no damage, no visual deficiencies and no alarms present on control panel.

Environmental: verify spill-kit and absorbent pail are on-site.

Enviroline: ensure 'Enviroline' stickers are attached to generators near fuel filler and on transfer switch in shelter.

Take picture looking into shelter from front door.

Shelter Clean: interior of shelter or enclosure must be free of unnecessary debris, garbage kept to a minimum, floor and environment clean.

Labelling: all interior labelling and identification present (AC breaker panel, site ID plaque, CATS placard, etc...).

Hardware Fixed: all items mounted or attached to walls or ceiling must be safe and solid (example: cable trays, electrical boxes, shelving, etc...).

Airtightness: interior must be airtight and waterproof. No holes should be present in floor, walls or antenna entry ports to prevent water or vermin migration.

Lighting: emergency lighting functional.

Landline: removed if not necessary, in working order if needed for health and safety issues.

HVAC: A/C and ventilation functional.

Environmental: environmental kit present if required.

Interior Accessories: table, chair, step ladder (rooftop sites), garbage can, broom, dustpan, floor mat and fire extinguisher (valid) all present if area permits.

RF Hardware

All frames must be solidly attached and properly grounded.

All RF hardware and equipment must be properly and safely installed and grounded.

All unused, obsolete and unnecessary equipment and cabling must be removed and returned within 90 days of decommissioning.

All electrical connections must be safe and solid.

All RF connections must be safe and properly torqued.

All cabling secured with tie wraps on frames and cable trays.

Power plants, BTS, MW radios, fuse panels, DSX, BIX panels, cabling and RF equipment must all be properly identified with names, directions, IP addresses, BTS #, etc...

Documentation & Site Information

Log books present at site.

Acceptance tests, work orders and antenna sweeps present on site (or on GIM).

NRM information precise and up-to-date.