Purpose of Visit

  • What is the focus of the visit?

  • What is the overview and actions from the Focus of the visit?


  • How would you rate the customer journey?<br>- Banners/Sentinels, car park, first impressions, walkways, cleaning, general standards, customer facilities, staff deployment, Wyevale Standards (First 50 Last 5)? <br>Actions Agreed

  • How would you rate the commercial set up in centre?<br>- Silent salesman, plants for purpose, PP, entrance seasonally relevant, flow, risk product driven, modules?<br>Actions Agreed

  • How would you rate centre compliance?<br>- Security, Cash Control, Warehouse, admin, Safety, concessions, trading standards, plant quality, food stock stored clean & safe environment?<br>Actions Agreed

  • Stock Loss<br>SLIP available and up to date, stock loss MOT being actioned, red routes being used, tagging being efficiently used?<br>Actions Agreed


  • Tick yes if found to be in order. If action is required, don't tick, add action into the relevant question below

  • Colleagues in correct uniform, no nail polish, jewellery?

  • Team recommending add ons?

  • Table clearing within 5 mins, colleagues can explain primary and secondary roles as deployed at team brief?

  • Counters are commercial and visual ?

  • Are any events or children's parties promoted ?

  • Specials seasonally relevant and blackboards well written?

  • POS in line with plan?

  • All areas FoH clean, including high level?

  • BoH, storage and kitchen areas clean, including fridge seals, under units, de-scaling?

  • BoH, storage away from restaurant using lidded containers, catering racking, pest proofing, walls and floors clean?

  • All products have correct labels where requires and are used correctly?

  • All equipment is working or raised and chased through Pronett?

  • Do all wash hand basins have soap, hot water and blue roll, clean and not cluttered?

  • Due diligence completed to standard, reviewed and actions noted?

  • How would you rate the restaurant environment?<br>- Approach, link sales, chalk boards and pricing, table clearing with smiles, engagement with customers?<br>Actions Agreed

  • How would you rate restaurant compliance? <br>- Cleaning, due diligence, counter, food safety, equipment, date labelling, food spec, uniform?<br>Actions Agreed

Customer Service

  • How would you rate Customer Service in Centre?<br>- Smiles, active engagement, interaction, service window, OOTW, suggestions and helpfulness?<br>Actions Agreed


  • Are there any outstanding tasks from previous visits?

  • Any actions for the visitor?

  • Why is the centre RAG? Centre Summary including, what did you like/ not like?

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