Property History

How long has the landholder owned the property for?

Historical use of the property

What are the main vegetation types?

Have there been any significant fires on the property in the last 10 years?

What is the likely eligible suppression activity or activities?
Domestic livestock
Current stocking regime

Was any clearing, pushing for fodder or pulling undertaken over the last 10 years?

If yes, approximately where and how much area in hectares was cleared?

Was any clearing, pushing for fodder or pulling undertaken longer than 10 years ago?

If yes, please elaborate in location and size of area cleared if known.

What was the purpose of the mechanical clearing?

Are there feral goats on the property?

Management Change / Newness
What is the likely change in management?

What would the landholder use the revenue from the carbon project for?

Other uses?

Any supporting images - photo's of graders, run down fences, goats, sheep eating regrowth, paddock map, property entrance sign, landholder, regeneration etc
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Additional information

Would the landholder be willing to sell their property in the future?

If yes, what price per acre would they like to receive?
What is the excitement level of the landholder?
What is the excitement level of Climate Friendly?

Any other useful information?

What is the outcome of the site visit?

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