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Planning & Inspection

  • Was a proper constructability review completed and closed out with the Architect?<br>If not, explain why not.

  • Is the pre-installation meeting schedule matrix in place and being used regularly? What are the next couple of meetings to be held?

  • Are the Paper As-Builts current?

  • Are we posting the As-Builts electronically as well as on paper?

  • Have any QC checklists been used to date? Which ones?

  • Approximately how many QC checklists have been completed to date?

  • What are the next couple of QC checklists to be used?

  • Have any first work inspections been completed to date? List them

  • Has the Project Coordinator converted any QC checklists to IAuditor for easy Ipad use?

  • Have you tried using the IAuditor CFC First Work Inspection Template?

  • Has a third party enclosure consultant been hired to ...<br>1. Do a constructability review<br>2. Assist with the enclosure mockup <br>3. Perform periodic inspections<br><br>answer NO if any of the 3 items above are not in their scope<br>

  • Has the Enclosure QC checklist been created? When will the first draft of it be ready?

  • Has the initial enclosure review pre-installation meeting been scheduled in the meeting matrix or held?

  • Are we going to schedule an electrical box walk with the architect and owner before we rock the first units?

  • Has the Pre-Rock ( sign off for before we hang sheetrock in the units) checklist been created?<br>If not, when will it be completed?

  • Have any Non-Conformances been logged to date?

  • How many documented NCRs to date?

  • List one or two examples of the most significant Rework ($ or lost time) encountered to date

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