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General Information

  • Describe storage location (e.g. flammables cabinet; or, storeroom with metal: shelving)

  • Describe the condition of the storage area/unit? (Is there rust or spills, do the doors close properly, is there any noticeable damage, is it stable?)

  • Is the area/unit bunded?

  • Is bunding required?

  • Is the surrounding area clean and tidy?

  • Are there any safety hazards accessing or obtaining the chemicals?

  • Where is PPE for these chemicals kept?

  • Is the PPE well maintained?

Chemical Cabinets Only (Minor Stores)

  • Note there is some provision for latitude depending upon specifications of site and storage contents

  • Storage in area/workshops indoors: < 850L per 250m2 of floor space?

  • Distance between dangerous goods cabinets is 10m (is floor space large enough)?

  • Distance between flammable liquid cabinets (250L) is 20m (indoor) or 15m out door)?

  • Distance between other combustible materials (e.g. rags, paper, leaf litter) is 5m

  • Is there a manifest of the contents with the cabinet?

  • Are SDS's present and valid within 5 years from date of issue?

Compressed Gas Cylinder Stores Only

  • Is there adequate separation of DG classes

  • Do cylinders have restraints?

  • Are the restraints suitable?

  • Are the cylinders protected from solar radiation and heat?

  • Any other comment on the store?

Emergency Information

  • Is suitable 1st Aid Kit near by?

  • Is Access/ Egress to the storage location clear of obstacles?

  • Is there an eyewash station(s) easily accessed from the storage location?

  • Check that Station(s) are working appropriately

  • Is there a safety shower easily accessed from the storage location?

  • Check that Station(s) are working appropriately

  • Is there a fire extinguisher(s) easily accessed from the storage location? (Check in date & suitable for the area)

  • Is there spill control material accessible nearby & stocked appropriately

Signage and Placarding

  • Is there a dangerous goods sign?

  • Is there a ‘No Smoking sign’?

  • Is there a ‘No Ignition Sources’ sign?

  • Is there a Hazchem sign? (placard)

  • Are there any other safety or warning signs?


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