• Audit Performed


  • 1 - Does the vendor have Trans States Airlines Training Records?

  • 2 - Does the vendor have a Designated Trainer on staff?

  • 3 - Does the vendor's list of trained mechanics correspond with Trans States Airlines ODM List?

  • 4 - Does the vendor have an Approved Anti-Drug and Alcohol Abuse Program?
    (obtain a copy for the ODM file)

  • 5 - Does the vendor have a copy of the Trans States Airlines ODM Agreement?
    (if not, prepare one for Vendor and Trans States Airlines Signatures)

  • 6 - Does the vendor hold an FAA Air Vendor or Transport Canada AMO Certificate?
    (Obtain a copy of certificate and Operations Specifications)

  • 7 - Is the facility organized in a manner to accommodate maintenance requirements?

  • 8 - Does the vendor have or have access to a hangar that will accommodate Trans States Airlines aircraft?

  • 9 - Are required fire extinguishers present, inspection tags current, seals in place and properly charged with location identification?
    (only applicable if vendor has a hangar suitable for Trans States Airlines aircraft)

  • 10 - Do mechanics have a valid A&P Certificate in their possession?

  • 11 - Does the vendor observe Duty Time Limitations?


  • 12 - Does the vendor have a documented Tool Calibration Program?

  • 13 - Are all tools requiring calibration identified and on the Tool Calibration List?

  • 14 - Are approved National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) used to calibrate tools?

  • 15 - Is there a system to identify each tool in the program, its calibration frequency and its calibration due date?

  • 16 - Does the vendor have a procedure for identifying, controlling and/or preventing out-of-service and due-for calibration tools and equipment from being used?

  • 17 - Does the vendor have a procedure to control calibration of personal tools?

  • 18 - Did a sample check of the calibrated tooling indicate that their tooling is within calibration?

  • 19 - Does the vendor have approved equipment for checking and servicing Trans States Airlines aircraft tires?

  • 20 - Are tools and test equipment in a serviceable condition?

  • 21 - Do calibration records show:

  • A) Date calibrated?

  • B) Calibration due date?

  • C) Individual or vendor that performed calibration or check?

  • D) Calibrating certificate for each item calibrated by an outside vendor?

  • E) Details of adjustments and/or repairs?

  • F) Show the P/N, S/N and calibration due date of the standard and equipment used to perform the calibration?

  • Tool Calibration Sampling (p/n, s/n, nomenclature, cal done, cal due)


  • 22 - Does the vendor have BP Turbo Oil 2380, or equivalent?

  • 23 - Does the vendor have SAE AS 1241A Type IV (Skydrol), or equivalent?

  • 24 - Does the vendor have Aviators Breathing Oxygen, MIL Spec-0-27210?

  • 25 - Are gauges used to service oxygen identified as being for "Oxygen Use Only"?

  • 26 - Does the vendor have Leak Tech, MIL Spec-PRF-25567?

  • 27 - Does the vendor have Nitrogen Spec BB-N-411 Type 1, Class 1, Grade B?

Shelf Life

  • 28 - Does the vendor have a Shelf Life Program?

  • 29 - Are shelf life items properly identified?

  • 30 - Are shelf life items properly stored?

  • 31 - A flammable, toxic or volatile materials stored in a fireproof cabinet?

  • Shelf Life Sampling (item description, p/n, lot/batch #, manufacture date, expiration date)

Sign Off


  • Representative Signature

  • I certify the questions, as stated above, we're satisfied at the time of the inspection, unless otherwise noted.

  • Auditor's Signature

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