Title Page

  • simPRO Job No.

  • ROW, SDU, MDU or Other

  • What work was completed

  • Site Address

  • Prepared by

  • Vehicle Rego

  • Lead Tech

  • Assistant Tech

  • Conducted on

Site Observations

  • Is the site meeting safety expectations?

  • Was the Induction helpful or not?

  • Have they identified and controlled all of the significant hazards?

  • Are there any new hazards to consider?

  • Was the site tidy or presented well?

  • Are the techs confident to do the job safely?

  • PPE (As per task requirements)?

  • Did they explain the task and controls well?

  • Has the JSA captured these controls?

  • What are the techs considering, from a safety perspective, when they start the task?

  • Do the techs consider other people (public, workers, home owners) when they do their tasks?

  • Is the other (vehicle, generator, tools etc) equipment tidy and in good condition?

Site Safety Improvements

  • Please list the Good Safety Behaviors?

  • Good Safety Behaviors

  • Unsatisfactory Behaviors (e.g. hazards, controls and at-risk behavior)

  • Unsatisfactory Behaviors (e.g. hazards, controls and at-risk behavior)

  • Safety Discussion and Immediate Actions required?

  • Photos of rectifications

  • Future Improvements/ Training?


  • Manager Name

  • Technician
  • Technician Name

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