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Observation Details

  • List names of Employees being observed

  • Observer

  • Total Time Observed


  • Does the clinic appear clean and free from clutter?

  • Are all hallways, treatment areas, corridors, and exits free of obstruction?

  • Is the floor/carpet clean, dry, and free of holes or tripping hazards?

  • Is the furniture and equipment in good repair?

  • Does the placement of equipment meet manufacturer's guidelines/requirements? For example, the Lifestyle cable column has a clear three-foot radius.

  • Is the gym equipment properly placed for safety when in use?

  • Was the gym equipment properly stored after patient use to ensure staff and patient safety.


  • What precautions were used by the therapist to ensure safety when treating a patient at risk for falls? Select all that apply.

  • Did you observe the therapist using a gait belt on patients who are at risk for falls?

  • Did the therapist use proper set up of the exercise to ensure safety? i.e., free of hazards; providing patient assist to reduce complexity and load.

  • Did the therapist ensure safety with the intervention performed by the patient? i.e., providing proper instruction of the exercise and observation of the return demonstration of the exercise; provide proper supervision of the patient based the observation of the return demonstration of the exercise.

  • Did the therapist use clinical judgement to alter the complexity of an exercise to improve safety?

  • Was the Physical Therapy Aide used in the supervision of a patient at risk for falls? If yes, describe supervision.

  • Did you observe the physical therapy aide providing exercise instruction to a patient that has not previously completed that exercise?

  • Did you observe the physical therapy aide altering treatment to reduce complexity, increase complexity, and/or improve safety without consultation with the treating therapist?

  • Did you observe any near misses in the clinic?

  • How many?

  • Did you witness any unsafe events in the clinic? If yes, please describe.


  • How many patients were seen in the clinic during your observation hours?

  • How many patients during your observation were deemed fall risk?

  • Were patients scheduled appropriately to ensure safety and reduce fall risk?

  • If the patient was deemed a fall risk, was there a falls assessment completed on the patient within the last 30 days?

  • If precautions were used by the therapist to improve the safety of the patient, did the therapist document the precautions in the daily note?


  • Based on the observation; was best practice followed to ensure the safety of the patients/visitors/staff?

  • What are your recommendations?

  • Follow up actions

  • Date for actions to be completed:

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