Machinery and Equipment

  • Drill, Grinder and Press guards in place and in good condition

  • Machine guards in place and in good condition?

  • Observed Ladders in Safe condition

Safety Equipment

  • MSDS/SDS Manual in Boiler Control room

  • Emergency Response Manual in Control Room

  • Emergency Response Manual in Maintenance Ship

Eye Wash Stations

  • Eye Wash Stations clean and operational

  • Eyewash #7

  • Eyewash #8

  • Eyewash #10

First Aid Kits

  • First Aid Kits present and stocked

  • Boiler Room

  • Last inspected

  • Maintenance Shop

  • Last inspected

Fire Extinguishers

  • 26

  • 27

  • 11

  • 12


  • 1. Open the AED lid
    2. Wait for the AED to indicate status: Observe the change of the status indicator from green to red.

  • After approximately 5 seconds, verify that the status indicator returns to green

  • Expiration date of electrodes

  • Audible voice prompts

  • 3. Close the lid and observe the change of the status indicator to red.

  • After approximately 5 seconds verify that the indicator status returns to green.

Housekeeping / 5S

  • All Materials Stored Neatly and Safely

  • Furniture Safe and in good repair

Fire Doors

  • Check that all fire doors are operative (open man doors 90 deg to wall and let go. The Door should close completely

  • 1

  • 2

  • 15

  • 16

  • 17

  • 22

  • 23

  • 25

  • 26

  • 27

  • 33

  • 34

  • 38

  • 39

  • 40

  • 41

  • 43

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