- Competency checks are carried out to ensure that the operator is capable of operating the vehicle without direct supervision.
- Competency checks can only be carried out by Farm Managers who have been trained and assessed as competent by a recognised training provider.
- This assessment cannot cover every scenario but is indicative of the current skills and abilities of the operator.

Vehicle Type
Tractor Pre-Start Up

Is the operator wearing suitable clothing and footwear?

Can they describe the purpose and correct use of controls?

Can they state why passengers are NOT to be carried? (Passenger seat for trainer only)

Do they know how to do a pre-operational check?

Did the operator check the operation and adjustment of brakes?


Tractor operation

Did operator put on seat belt (if fitted)?

Follows the manufacturers starting procedure

Knows where the kill switch is and how to operate it

Rides in a forward direction around a defined course (e.g. figure of 8 around obstacles, through gates, etc)

Brakes at corner of defined course

Demonstrates how to reverse

Rides the vehicle demonstrating control over more difficult terrain such as slope, gully and bank

Knows about safe loads and attachments and where to get this information (e.g. Risk Manager SOP's)

Knows how to safely tow a trailer on flat terrain, through gateways and on slopes

Able to safely reverse with trailer attached?

Knows about the Safe Operating Procedure, speed limits and farm no-go zones.

Knows what jobs the vehicle is to be used for (and what it is not to be used for)

Knows how to safely park and store the tractor

Additional notes/comments

Operators must be able to demonstrate operational competency:

Operate Front End Loader (FEL) (includes buckets and forks)

Attaches correct implement for the task

Knows capacity and limitations of tractor and FEL

Can attach weights to correctly balance the tractor ( front and rear) if required

Checked hydraulic lines are securely connected?

Checked for position of overhead powerlines on proposed route

Familiar with hydraulic controls and checked for leaks?

Approaches load and engages load/fills bucket correctly

Secures load and carries it correctly

Demonstrates control over more difficult terrain such as slopes, gullies and banks

Knows how to release hydraulic pressure prior to removing hoses?

Operators must be able to demonstrate operational competency

Attach PTO Shaft to Tractor

Correctly attached to three point linkage and lowered to ground?

Power to PTO drive is disengaged?

Fully inspects shaft cover, spline and shaft (in good condition and greased)

Ensures tractor engine is off, in neutral and keys removed and park brake engaged

Correctly attaches PTO and secures shield with chain

Correctly removes and/or stores implement and/or vehicle correctly

Operator must be able to demonstrate operational competency

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