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Escape Routes

  • Are fire exit routes clear and free from debris?

  • Are all fire doors in good condition and do they close under there own weight?

  • Do fire exits open correctly to a place of safety?

  • Is all fire exit signage in place, legible and relevant?

Fire Alarm System

  • Is the fire alarm panel free of any fault lights? (Amber LED's)

  • Is their a test schedule in place for the fire alarm system?

  • Is it up to date?

Emergency Lighting

  • Is there an internal Emergency Lighting test schedule in place?

  • Is it up to date?

  • Is there an external Emergency Lighting test schedule in place?

  • Is it up to date?

Firefighting Equipment

  • Is all Firefighting equipment free from damage and accessible/available?


  • Are flammable substances stored and controlled correctly?

  • Are all areas free of excess waste and fuel sources?

  • Is smoking controlled to a dedicated area to reduce the risk of illicit smoking?

Further Actions

  • Are any other issues identified? (Please give photographic evidence)

  • Inspector Sign Off

  • Inspector Sign Off

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