CoP: Rehabilitation Services

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482.56 Condition of Participation: Rehabilitation Services

A-1123 482.56 Rehabilitation Services
If the hospital provides rehabilitation, physical therapy, occupational therapy, audiology, or speech pathology services, the services must be organized and staffed to ensure the health and safety of patients.

Interpretive Guidelines §482.56
This is an optional hospital service. However, if a hospital provides any degree of rehabilitative services to its patients, the hospital must comply with the requirements of the Condition of Participation.
If rehabilitative services are provided, they must be organized and staffed in such a manner to ensure the health and safety of patients. This includes providing rehabilitative services in accordance with practitioner orders and acceptable standards of practice.
Acceptable standards of practice include compliance with any applicable Federal or State laws, regulations or guidelines, as well as standards and recommendations promoted by nationally recognized professional organizations (e.g., American Physical Therapy Association, American Speech and Hearing Association, American Occupational Therapy Association, American College of Physicians, American Medical Association, etc.).
The hospital’s rehabilitation services must be integrated into its hospital-wide QAPI program.

482.56(a) Standard: Organization and Staffing

A-1124 482.56(a) Organization and Staffing
The organization of the service must be appropriate to the scope of the services offered.

Interpretive Guidelines §482.56(a)
The hospital must provide the appropriate equipment and types and numbers of qualified personnel necessary to furnish the rehabilitation services offered by the hospital in accordance with acceptable standards of practice.
The scope of rehabilitation services offered by the hospital should be defined in written policies and procedures, and approved by the Medical staff.
Each service, whether provided through a single discipline department or within a multi-discipline department, must function with established lines of authority and responsibility to ensure the health and safety of patients. There must be an adequate number of qualified staff available when needed to evaluate each patient, initiate the plan of treatment, and supervise supportive personnel when they furnish rehabilitation services. The number of qualified staff is based on the type of patients treated and the frequency, duration, and complexity of the treatment required.

A-1126 482.56(a)(2) Physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech-language pathology or audiology services, if provided, must be provided by qualified physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, occupational therapists, occupational therapy assistants, speech-language pathologists, or audiologists as defined in part 484 of this chapter.

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482.56(b) Standard: Delivery of Services

A-1133 482.56(b)(1) All rehabilitation services orders must be documented in the patient’s medical record in accordance with the requirements at §482.24.

Interpretive Guidelines §482.56(b)(1)
The patient’s medical record must contain documentation of all rehabilitation services ordered. The medical record entries must comply with regulations at §482.24.

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