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Personnel Training

  • Is the Base Commanders Environmental Policy Posted and up to date?

  • Is General Environmental Awareness training provided to personnel?

Hazardous Waste

  • Is there only one waste stream per satellite accumulation site not to exceed 55 gallons ( 1 Quart for acute HW )?

  • Are hazardous waste drum(s) properly labeled?

  • Are hazardous waste container(s) under 270 days.?

  • Are there any containers older than 72 hours after closing date on label or when 55 gallons ( 1 quart for acute ) has been reached?

  • Is secondary containment provided at satellite accumulation areas when liquids are present?

  • Is secondary containment free from excess dirt or debris?

  • Are containers free from leaks and UN approved for intended use?

Processes Generation Point (PGP)

  • Are weekly PGP inspections being conducted and documented?

  • Is there a PGP coordinator and alternate assigned and trained?

  • Is a spill contingency plan posted at satellite site(s)?

Flammable/Hazardous Chemicals

  • Is flammable waste ( e.g. POL or solvent rags ) discarded into an approved flammable waste container and emptied on a daily basis(laundered rags)?

  • Are Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) available to employees for each hazardous chemical in the work area?

  • Do flammable/corrosive storage locker(s) follow the guidelines set by HAZCOM(29CFR1910.1200) on proper storage on hazardous materials?


  • Are hazardous waste containers properly closed when not in use?

  • Are hazardous waste containers free from gross hazardous waste residue?

  • Is the satellite accumulation area clear of clutter, debris, obstacles & hazardous waste debris?

  • Is the floor kept free of POL?

  • are there "NO SMOKING" signs posted at satellite accumulation sites?

  • Are the words "HAZARDOUS WASTE" posted at the satellite accumulation site?

  • Are spill kits kept readily available?


  • Are applicable permits posted and up to date?

  • Is there a log book present and maintained by users?

  • Are all permitted instructions followed?

  • Are the break down notifications posted and up to date?

  • Are all break downs documented and available for review?

  • Does the permit coincide with the equipment being used?

  • Are the usages of Volatile Organic Compound(VOC) captured and available on request?

Fire Protection

  • is a fire extinguisher readily available?

  • Are hazardous waste containers properly segregated from incompatible waste or material?

  • Is the Processes Generation Point (PGP) properly grounded?

  • Are Processes Generation Point doors closed when not in use?

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