Previous Inspections

  • Is there a previous inspection report? Please give date produced

  • Have all identified actions been completed? If no please give details of outstanding actions.

Fire Safety

  • Evacuation procedures discussed with students and staff?

  • Extinguishers in place, clearly marked for the type of fire?

  • Extinguishers displaying correct pressure (where appropriate) and services in the last year? Please give details of month and year.

  • Extinguishers unobstructed?

  • Adequate directional signage to fire exits?

  • Fire exit doors easily opened from inside?

  • Exits clear of obstructions?

  • External side of fire exits clear with appropriate signage?

  • External staircases and walkways clear and in good condition? (from visual inspection)

General Lighting

  • Is there a suitable level of lighting for the activities taking place in the area? This can be either natural or artificial

  • Reflected light is not causing an issue with glare?

  • Light fittings are in good condition?

  • Emergency lighting is functioning and clearly visible

  • Light switches/emergency light switches are in good condition

Building Safety

  • Floor surfaces are clear and uncluttered

  • Walkways are kept clear

  • Walkways are adequate and clearly marked

  • Intersections are kept clear of boxes etc?

  • Stairs and risers are kept clear?

  • Are railing in good condition?

  • Are fall preventative measures in place and used where gaps occur in railings?

  • Is furniture in good condition?

External Areas

  • Are footpaths in good condition?

  • Are perimeter fences in good condition?

  • Are external rubbish areas clearly marked for rubbish streaming?

  • Are rubbish bins positioned so that they do not pose an arson risk?

  • Are rubbish areas emptied regularly?

  • Are gas bottles/flammable liquids stored appropriately? Including being secured and well ventilated.

  • Is pedestrian/vehicle traffic suitably managed?

Work Areas

  • Are work areas free of rubbish?

  • Tools not in used stored appropriatley?

  • Hand tools are in good condition?

  • Power tools are in good condtion?

  • Students are aware of risks posed by particular tools and can describe suitable controls measures? (if asked)

  • Working height suitable for students/staff?

  • Work benches are in good condition and do not pose additional risk?

Waste Managment

  • Are bins located at suitable points in building?

  • Are internal bins emptied regularly?

  • Are oily rags and combustible refuse kept away from sources of ignition?

Storage Design and Use

  • Are materials stored in an appropriate manner eg. in racking, bins, cupboards etc?

  • Storage is designed to reduce manual handling?

  • Are gas bottles secured?

  • Floors in storage areas are kept free from rubbish?

  • Racks and pallets are in good condition?

  • Are safe working limits displayed on shelving?

Machines and Equipment

  • Are machines/ equipment kept clear?

  • Is the floor area around machinery kept clear?

  • Are guards in place and in good condition?

  • Emergency stops buttons are clearly visible and operational?

  • Are lock out procedures implemented and followed?

  • Waste/ off cuts are removed and stored safely?

  • Drip pans in place to prevent spillages?

  • Adequate work space provided?

  • Have ergonomics been considered for the locating and operation of machinery/equipment?

  • Is lighting adequate and working properly?

  • Are machine risk assessments in place and in date?

  • Are control measures in place to reduce noise levels where appropriate?

Electrical Safety

  • Pare safety switches installed?

  • Are any extension leads used in the department used safely?

  • Is all electrical equipment PAT tested and correctly labelled? Please give month and year of testing.

  • Are all plug sockets and switches in good condition?


  • Are operators of machinery trained and inducted prior to using machinery?

  • Is refresher training completed by staff? Please give details of how often this is completed?

  • Have training records been updated in the Red File since the last audit?

Chemical Safety

  • Hazardous substances register is completed and available?

  • Material safety data sheets available for all chemicals?

  • Risk assessments completed for all hazardous chemicals?

  • All containers labelled correctly?

  • Unused substances disposed of?

  • Do special storage conditions apply? If so please give details

  • Are special storage conditions followed?

  • Are staff trained in the use of hazardous substances?

  • If applicable, is PPE provided? Please give details

  • Is adequate ventilation provided?

  • If LEV is provided, is it in good working order? If available give date of last testing/ inspection

  • If special first aid or spill procedures are required, is all equipment necessary to complete these procedures available


  • Are all ladders used in the department industrial rated (class 1)?

  • Are ladders fitted with current ladder tag labels? If yes, please provide month and year completed

  • If used for electrical work are they constructed of non conductive materials? (wood or fibre glass)

  • At the time of the inspection were ladders being used in accordance with best practice?

First Aid Facilities

  • Are first aid boxes available and are the contents clean and orderly?

  • Is all contents within the expiry date?

  • Are first aides available within the department?

Office Hazards

  • Are filing cabinets in good condition

  • Are chairs in good condition?

  • Are desks in good condition?

  • Are computer screens positioned to reduce glare?

  • Are floor coverings in good condition?


  • At the time of the inspection were students wearing the correct PPE?

  • At the time of the inspection were students wearing suitable clothing?

  • Were students working safely at the time of the inspection?

  • If asked, did students know what the hazards and controls for the equipment/task that they were using/completing?

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