• Date and Time

  • Technician

  • Container #

  • Take photo of seal. Make sure seal # is clear?

  • Nanning Qiaohong- customer?

  • Are corrugated liners on floor of container?

  • Are corrugated risers covering hooks inside container?

  • BOL180080

  • Order Number153422-1

  • Tires Chocked

  • Dock plates in place

  • How many jack stands used

  • Jack stand locations

  • Dock locks on

Corporate Inspection Criteria


  • Holes/cracks or split seams

  • Wet spots

  • Evidence of insects

  • Banding material from previous use


  • Holes/leaks or sunlight visible

  • Split seams

  • Evidence of water stains/rust


  • Holes/leaks or sunlight visible

  • Split seams

  • Evidence of water stains/rust

Odors and smells

  • Musty/chemical/food or wax smells


  • Doors open and close properly

  • Rubber seals snug


  • Accept

  • Reason

  • Damaged upon arrival

  • Shipping tech signature

Product Customer Inspection Information

  • Was container vacuumed, swept or blown

  • Were corrugated risers placed in front of container (rolls for unacharm)

  • Was container inspected? (Check for wood, plastic, nails and debri on walls)

  • Did container pass inspection?

  • Was loading area free of contaminants (oil, dirt wire, plastic, insects)?

  • Was this addressed with loader

  • Was picture taken of container

During Loading

  • Did Loader drag any packages on the floor?

  • Did you address concerns with loader

  • Was wrap torn on packages?

  • Were packages repaired with clear packing tape

  • How many packages repaired

  • Record track numbers of affected packages

  • We're any packages observed to be damaged otherwise (edges, gouges, dirt, insect contamination, bottoms)?

  • Were packages downgraded in PTS and moved to repulp

  • How many packages downgraded

  • Record track numbers of affected packages

  • Do labels have sticky backing with removable barcode

  • Does package have 2 labels (For UniCharm label on each roll)

  • Were any packages observed to have damaged or missing labels?

  • We're package labels re-printed and affixed to outside package w clear packing tape

  • How many reprinted labels required

  • Record track numbers

Upon Completion of Loading

  • Please sign

  • Comments

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