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  • Document No.

  • Machine / Location

  • Conducted on

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Daily Checklist

  • Was daily safety check completed?

5S Housekeeping

  • Aisles/Walkways kept clear?

  • Work area kept organized?

  • Housekeeping: spills, cords or other trips, trash/clutter, lighting, or Flammables

Personal Protective Equipment

  • All appropriate equipment or gear worn correctly?

  • PPE kept in good condition?

  • Machine Guarding

Working Position

  • Body position

  • Location in working environment

  • Work Position / Posture

Tools and Equipment

  • Appropriate tools or equipment being used?

  • Tools or equipment being used correctly?

  • Tools or equipment in good condition?

Safe behaviors observed-actions taken to encourage safe behavior

Unsafe behaviors observed-action taken to correct and prevent recurrence

Line of fire. Is the worker in the line of fire?

  • Grinding or drilling operations creating flying objects or particles - goggles/face-shield. Heavy equipment movement in the area - operator aware of pedestrian? Around rigging operations - hand in pinch point not under equipment? Working in front of live electrical panel - NFPA70E PPE

  • Grinding, drilling or other operation that would cause flying debris

Safety procedures

  • Lock-out/Tag-out, Arc Flash, Hot Work Permit, Confined Space

  • Notes / Comments / Photos

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