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DSE Assessment Checklist


  • 1. After tidying your workstation desktop is there enough room for your equipment and paper work?

  • 2. Is all frequently used workstation equipment within easy reach?

  • 3. After tidying your workstation is there enough storage space for work and personal items?

  • 4. After tidying up items that may have been stored under the workstation is there now enough leg room under the desk?

  • 5.Is the desk layout arranged to suit you?

  • 6. Are you able to adjust the keyboard to a comfortable position?

  • 7. Having tidied and reorganised your workstation desktop is there enough desk space to rest your wrist and hands when using the keyboard and mouse?

  • 8. After adjusting your chair are you able to achieve a comfortable posture?

  • 9. Do you regularly check your chair is adjusted to suit you?

  • 10. Are you familiar with the chairs range of adjustments e.g. height, tilt and back support?

  • 11. Does the chair support your lower back whilst working?

  • 12. Are you able to place your feet flat on the floor or on a footrest?

  • 13. Does the screen tilt and swivel?

  • 14. Can you adjust the screen to a height and position to suit you?

  • 15. Is the screen free from significant amounts of distracting or discomforting reflections and glare?

  • 16. Do you have sufficient breaks from display screen equipment work or changes of activity?

  • 17. Is the software easy to use?

  • 18. Is a separate keyboard, screen and mouse provided when using a laptop for long periods of time?

  • 19. Are additional screens, keyboards, mouse or docking stations available?

  • 20. Do you have sufficient time to meet deadlines?

  • 21. Are you aware of your organisations approach to eye sight tests specifically for display screen equipment use?

  • 22. Is your work free from aches, pains and soreness in the hands?

  • 23. Is your work free from aches, pains and soreness in the arms?

  • 24. Is your work free from aches, pains and soreness in the neck?

  • 25. Is your work free from aches, pains and soreness in the lower back?

  • 26. Is your work free from aches, pains and soreness in the eyes?

  • 28. Is the lighting suitable for your work activity?

  • 29. Is the temperature in the office acceptable?

  • 30. Are noise levels acceptable in the office?

  • 31. Do you think overall layout of the office is good?


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