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Unlock gate between Cricket Centre & HiPAC if requested, otherwise ensure locked.

Equipment checks

Bowling lane 1 - left and right net

Bowling lane 2 - left and right net

Bowling lane 3 - left and right net

Bowling lane 4 - left and right net

Bowling lane 5 - left and right net

Bowling lane 5 - left and right net

Bowling lane 6 - left and right net

Bowling lane Pro-Batter - left and right net

Lane Rear Nets

NCPC Bar Area & Seminar Room - Tables & chairs

NCPC Meeting Room - Tables & chairs

NCPC Bar Area - Hot drinks machine


Shower Test

Coaches Changing Room (showers 1-3).

Academy Changing Room (showers 1-4).

Changing Room 1 (showers 1-4).

Changing Room 2 (showers 1-4).

Accessible Toilet (shower 1).

Haslegrave Lower Floor Changing (showers 1-8).

Haslegrave Upper Floor Changing (showers 1-4).

Graham Dilley Pavilion (showers xxxxxx).


Lower Ground Floor

Check all changing rooms & toilets for faults. Re-stock where necessary.

Remove all used towels for collection/laundry

Pools - check for faults & damage (include toilet & showers).

Pools - Spa/Plunge pool tests at 7am, 9am, 11am & 1pm

Pools - Hose and squeegee spa area. Deep clean on the first Monday of every month

Gym - Check for faults and damages

Net area - Check for faults and damage

Net area - Set nets as standard or as requested

Net area - Empty and wipe down all bins

Net area - Check defibrillator and manual (green tick visible).

Net area - Wipe down Bowling Machines and stands (no. 7).

Net area - Check 'P' and 'U' bars

Net area - Clean storage cupboards, doors & tops - Lboro 1-9

Net area - Clean/litter pick Bag Storage shelves as per procedure

Net area - Vacuum all 4 sides around the outside of the nets

Net area - Vacuum 3 wickets (wickets 1, 2 & 3). Empty and clean filter after use.

Net area - Vacuum and wipe down ground floor window ledges (33-41)..


Ground Floor

Check Reception & all offices for faults and damage

Reception Area - Clean and tidy ( include polishing desk & computer).

Check fire alarm panel and report any faults

Ensure the skip area is tidy. If overflowing report to DM.


Upper floor

Check all rooms for faults or damage

Seminar/Dining Room - Turn on hot drinks and water dispenser

Seminar/Dining Room - Check & tidy after each booking

Seminar /Dining Room - Set-up as per requirement. Check for changeovers.

Seminar/Dining Room - Wipe down bins throughout the day if room in use

Seminar/Dining Room - Wipe down hot drinks machine & water dispenser throughout the day.

Bar Area - Check and tidy after each booking


Graham Dilley Pavilion (Brockington)

Check the building for faults or damage


Haslegrave Pavilion (Ski Lodge)

Alarm to be taken off, Mon - Fri by 6:30hrs

Check building for faults or damage



Check whether all 'Morning Shift' tasks were completed

Check all fire exits on lock down


Lower Ground Floor

Changing Rooms 1 & 2 - Lock down area

Officials & Academy Changing Rooms - Lock down area

Pools - Pool tests at 3pm, 5pm, 7pm and 9pm

Pools - Lock down area

Plant Room - Ensure COSHH folders are next to the chemical containers

Plant Room - Lock down area

Gym - Lock down area

Physiotherapy - Lock down area

Net Area - Tidy and pick up litter

Net Area - Set nets as standard or as requested


Ground Floor

Reception Area - Ensure NOP & EAP are in place and you are familiar with the contents.

Sport Analysis Room - Check the Air Conditioning is working correctly

Lock down all offices


Upper Floor

Seminar/Dining Room - Check & tidy after each booking

Bar Area - Check & tidy after each booking

Bar & Kitchen - Ensure there is no 'out of date' milk/food in the fridges

Bar - Flush out the hot drinks machine for 2 minutes

Bar - Rinse the pipes in the hot drinks machine

Bar - Check the hot drinks machine stock levels and re-order if required

Bar/Kitchen Area - Clean the microwave inside and out

Bar - Wipe down the food Servery area



Check bookings and open if required

Graham Dilley Pavilion - Check & tidy changing rooms after each booking

Graham Dilley Pavilion - Ensure sliding doors are locked

Graham Dilley Pavilion - Check all lockers for belongings

Business School - Check, clean and tidy the Business School Food Area when matches are on. Ensure all rubbish is removed and the floor is clean.


Haslegrave Pavilion (Ski Lodge)

Changing Rooms - Check bookings and open if required

Haslegrave - Return match chairs to changing rooms

Changing Rooms - Tidy area and lock down

Offices - Ensure sliding doors are locked

Offices - Bring Imago catering containers, plates etc to NCPC.

Offices - Remove all 'out of date' milk/food from the fridge

Offices - check that all cups have been placed in the dishwasher. If not, then please do so but report to Jo Pearson.

Alarm the building (alarm only to be taken off Mon-Fri).


Additional Tasks

List any additional tasks carried out and by whom.

Tasks Not Completed

List all tasks not completed that need to be carried over to the next shift/day.

General comments or observations

Any General Comments or Observations

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