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CTW, PPE and Initial Work Design

  • Card in pouch and hazard board understood

  • Correct PPE worn for the situation and in good condition

  • Employee understands the task they have been given

  • Work order document on person

  • Correct functional location


  • Design and integrity; Installation tested to AS3000

  • Exposure to live electrical conductors is controlled

  • Compliant tools and in good working order

  • Isolation and proving process followed (including test before touch)

  • LV PPE is being utilised where needed

  • Adherence to permit conditions (job is within scope of work order/SWI)

  • Adherence to controls when working in lighting prone environment

Arc Blast

  • Correct PPE being worn, and firm understanding of why

  • Remote racking used

  • Correct isolation and proving and earthing process followed

  • Maintenence mode used

  • Relevant qualifications to perform the task

Electrical Statutory

  • Work is tested and proven to be AS3000 and WAPL compliant

Work at Heights, Dropped objects

  • Agreed anchor points being used, 100% hookup, equipment fitted correctly, tagged and compliant to site standard.

  • EWP's; prestart has been completed properly (fuel, oil, dry run) Operator confident.

  • Dropped objects hazard is controlled; minimal risk of dropping objects below, or having objects dropped from other workgroups above.

  • Adequate barricade in place

  • Personnel trained and competent for WAH

Confined Space

  • Positive Isolation; Covers work scope, all energy sources included.

  • Safe atmosphere; Ventilation plan in place, current atmospheric test, no introduced hazards.

  • Stored energy managed, hangups, dropped object potential etc

  • Access points have hard barricading and signs, standby person to be used and conpetent

  • All personnel involved are confined space trained

Isolation of Hazardous Energy

  • Recipient has checked isolation points exist and are locked and check integrity

  • Equipment ID tag hung on correct equipment

  • Electricians are Isolation officer trained if doing isolations

  • WOLE: All conditions of WOLE are being met

  • Task Photo

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