Excavation Oversight

Excavation Preparation Checklist

  • Hazards Identified and Marked?

  • Process used to identify utilities and pipeline

  • Dig packet?

  • Alignment sheets or station drawings?

  • PE plan? (20' or deeper)

  • Separate One Call Tickets?

During Excavations Checklist

  • Photo of dig site.

  • Depth (in feet)

  • Length (in feet)

  • Width (In feet)

  • Soil classification

  • Slopes. B = 1:1 benching allowed. C = 1.5:1 benching not allowed

  • Protective Systems (shoring and shielding)

  • Spoil piles, materials, and equipment 2' clearance.

  • Using probe bars as required.

  • 1' clearance with bucket?

  • Inspector engaged?


  • Adequate description?

  • Adequate mitigation of hazards?

  • Everyone logged in the permit?

  • Permit being adhered to?

  • Daily Excavation Checklist complete?


  • Extra Comments

  • Signature

Hot Work Oversight

Hot Work Preparation Checklist

  • KPL Operations (AE) notified?

  • Pipeline control center notified?

  • Pipeline pressure specified and communicated?

  • KPL TG1602.201 appendix A available.

  • Welders qualified?

  • Appropriate welding procedure selected?

During Hot Work

  • Atmospheric monitoring?

  • Equipment blinded & Gas freed? (KPL STD 220.100 Appendix A)

  • Guards in place on Grinders?

  • Tools & Equipment are in good condition?

  • Fire extinguisher available? (minimum 20 lb. ABC)

  • Fire watch understands 30 minute watch after work has ceased?

  • AE on site and engaged with activities?


  • Adequate description of Hot Work?

  • Adequate mitigation of hazards?

  • Everyone signed in on permit?

  • Fire watch assigned?

  • Assigned fire watch has no other duties?


  • Additional Comments or notes

  • Evaluators signature

Energy Control

Verification of Energy Control

  • Energy sources identified/verified in correct position?

  • Blinds installed? (KPL STD220.100)

  • Isolation locks or tags applied?

  • Energy sources tried?

Application of isolation locks

  • All exposed personnel have personal locks applied?

  • Name on personal lock?

  • If NO the KPL isolation tag used?

  • Isolation locks labeled "Danger, Locked Out, Do Not Remove"?

  • If NO then KPL isolation tag used?

  • Personal locks removed at end of shift?

Application of lock box

  • Station (red) locks applied?

  • If NO. Isolation tags applied with required information?

  • Project lock (yellow) with project tag applied at end of shift?

  • Complex job procedure in use? (If YES. Explain condition in comments section.)


  • Additional comments

  • Signature

Confined Space

Classification/General requirements of Confined Space

  • Classification consistent with Confined Space Decision Flow Chart?
    STD 220.100

    Complete section B for Non-Permit Required Confined Space
    Complete section C for Permit Required Confined Space

  • Confined Space properly isolated?

  • Labeled with "Danger, Confined Space, Enter by Permit Only"?

  • Ventilation established?

  • EH&S Permit addresses hazards/entry conditions?

  • Entry conditions have been met and communicated?

B Non-Permit Required Confined Space

  • Periodic Air Monitoring completed and logged?

C Permit Required Confined Space

  • Attendant in position maintaining entry and atmospheric logs?

  • Attendant has not other duties?

  • Atmospheric monitoring is continuous and is being logged?

  • Zone management in place controlling ignition sources?

  • Communication established between entrant, attendant, and rescue services?

  • Rescue equipment and services on site and ready?

  • Rescue pre-plan approved?


  • Additional comments

  • Signature

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